Chapter 745 - It’s Her, Z

Chapter 745: It’s Her, Z

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The doll-faced person bolted upright!

Even Watanabe’s gaze deepened. Then he quickly broke into a smile, turning towards the person beside him. “That explains Vice-captain’s concern for Spade Z, the skill he showed just now is probably world class, right? I guess there are indeed valuable players within Supreme Alliance.”

His original intention was to take a breather, but now, Watanabe felt a need to analyze the team in detail.

“Is, is that him?” the doll-faced person muttered in disbelief.

He was clearly dumbstruck by Bo Jiu’s skills.

However, none of them felt Hoshino’s emotions.

Those beside him weren’t aware that his hands tightened into fists when he glanced at the youngster’s hands tapping on the keyboard.

He lowered his head. Black strands of hair were falling in front of his face, forming a shadow.

His lips lifted in the most brilliant and gentle curve.

He couldn’t be wrong ━ that hand speed and switching, only Z could accomplish it!

Hoshino shifted his eyes back to the screen.

No one understood the blaze burning in the depths of his eyes.

As the word ‘Victory’ flashed across the screen, the youngster removed his headphones. His messy hair didn’t look the least bit out of place. Instead, he was ravishing.

But the youngster paused.

Bo Jiu indeed paused as she could sense someone watching her.

She turned to sweep a glance over the audience.

Was she thinking too much?

When Bo Jiu walked over, Lin Feng inched over to Qin Mo. “Captain, erm, even if Little Spade expresses his love outwardly, you should just keep it in. He’s still young after all, you can just see him as another Qin fan. Don’t your fans all love you like a husband as well? Little Spade just managed to benefit from the close proximity, just give in to him since he listens to you so obediently. It’s weird when both of you aren’t talking.”

Lin Feng hit a sore topic by bringing it up.

Qin Mo, who was holding onto a bottle of mineral water, turned to eye him, his gaze chilling.

“He listens to me?” His tone was hostile and frosty. “It’d be good if he really listened to me.”

When he turned to light a cigarette, he seemed to be smiling, but at the same time, his lips seemed to press downwards.

However, no one could really tell because his gaze started to calm down as he smoked.

Lin Feng thought to himself, Brother is helping you here, you will have to deal with the rest yourself.

But when the youngster came back, all he did was sit down with a bottle of water.

He glanced over momentarily.

Lin Feng shook his head, inching towards Bo Jiu. “Little Spade, what’s wrong with you today? You wouldn’t retaliate whenever Captain pulled you publicly. You weren’t acting this way even after I told you he kissed a girl. You felt so terrible back then, think about back then and think about right now, find a balance and persevere. Pursue him with passion, Captain isn’t that hard-hearted sometimes.”

Bo Jiu swallowed the water, sighing. “Can you stop talking about that kiss?”