Chapter 746 - To Her, He Wasn’t the Same

Chapter 746: To Her, He Wasn’t the Same

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“True.” Lin Feng could understand the emotions of such admiration. “How about this; whose fault is today’s situation, yours or Captain’s?”

Bo Jiu took a moment, then answered, “Mine.” The cross-dressing had a counter effect.

Lin Feng was astonished. “What did you do to Captain? During the filming for the variety show, when you-you and Captain slept in the same room, did you take action and was rejected by him? Is that the reason behind this situation?”

Lin Feng’s words always had the effect of pulling out horrible memories.

For instance the night they had filmed the variety show; that memory filled her entire mind with his breathing and the look on his face when he had grabbed her arm, caressing her body.

The fury within his gaze and that laboured breathing echoed through her ears ━ especially his stance when he had said, “Won’t your heart waver when you see me like this?”

He had ripped his pure black attire. The white shirt had been half opened, exposing a glimpse of his abs.

Those unforgettable smooth lines.

How could her puppy be so mesmerizing?

It was a pity that she hadn’t been able to bring him home to rear when she had been younger.

That was it, she shouldn’t go any further.

It wouldn’t be appropriate for both her and the Almighty.

She was only suited for having friends as the darkness in her life would always outweigh the light.

Those with impure thoughts were everywhere.

In this circle, no one would comfort you when you were hurt. Instead, they were all rooting for your failure.

The remaining bit of humanity wouldn’t help you, instead it would just snap apart.

While you were glorious, they would appear, acting as a brother.

Bo Jiu had seen enough of such people, especially those she had sent to prison.

Only that person, the pet she had wanted since young…

The desire had been so intense that even if she knew they weren’t suited to be acquainted, she still wanted to grab hold of a glimpse of it.

Bo Jiu lowered her lids.

The next second, a bottle of eye drops appeared.

She froze.

That familiar long slender flingers; she couldn’t be wrong.

Other than bitterness, an unfamiliar warmth spread through her chest ━ Bo Jiu felt regret.

If she had known that she wouldn’t be able to tackle him after they had grown up, she would have tackled him many more times.

She reached for the eye drops.

Somehow, it didn’t break their silence.

Lin Feng was glad that they had ended the matches swiftly.

Especially the 1v1, if it hadn’t been Captain, Little Spade would have competed.

The both of them went all out.

Even the fans were impressed by their idols.

Lin Feng felt so suppressed. This wasn’t a good condition. They were clearly frustrated by the cold war and were venting it during the matches.

On the day of the revival battle, the stamina exhaustion didn’t happen.

The matches ended swiftly with Supreme Alliance coming out victorious.

When it was time for the shoutcaster to make an ending speech, he grabbed his hair, forcing a smile. “Mmh, Supreme Alliance, such shocking speed as for the others, let’s watch-watch the re-replay, yes, the replay.”

He was never going to be the shoutcaster for this sort of match again.

He wanted to know what his purpose was if they were going to finish it so swiftly!