Chapter 748 - A Meeting and a Jealous Almighty Qin

Chapter 748: A Meeting and a Jealous Almighty Qin

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Where was he at such a critical moment?!

The person with the doll face was in shock. He glanced over rapidly before leading Watanabe towards the safety escape on the left.

That was also one of the reasons he chose this seat, being near the exit was their greatest reassurance.

Even though the doll-faced person was also part of the Japanese, he wasn’t recognized as easily as Watanabe or Hoshino.

Therefore, he raised the popcorn in his hands, pushing it at the fans.

Watanabe used this chance to lower his cap and leapt out of his seat.

His fastest movements were all used to avoid fans, which was indeed an upsetting thought.

However, he never expected his knees to hurt so much from hitting the chair.


Watanabe inhaled sharply and hugged onto his legs as he advanced forward, completely unlike his usual casanova image.

Once they had reached the safety exit, he saw a familiar back at the end.

“Vice-captain, why are you heading there? That’s the interview room not the exit!”

Watanabe expected him to turn after his remainder, but he didn’t bother slowing and instead disappeared at the next turn.

Watanabe clenched his teeth. He took a look at the squished doll face and decided not to care any longer. Since his vice-captain was well versed in Chinese, he wouldn’t lose his way here or in case he did, he could just get their manager to get him out.

He, however, couldn’t remain here, they had to leave!

Watanabe’s name caused a huge uproar.

Even though some female fans might be confused as they glanced at each other, the male fans and other professional teams were aware.


“The Japanese are here?”

“How is that possible? This is a revival match, why would they be here?!”

“It would be understandable if they came to watch Xiangnan, but…”

“What do you mean, are we that bad?”

“We can discuss this later! Are the Japanese really here?”

The competition officials were dumbstruck. The shoutcaster, who was bewildered the entire time, was even more confused at this moment. Could someone explain this situation to him?

The media would never let go of such news, especially as the cameras were set in place and focused on one area.

Some of them were already at the other exit, hoping to stop them.

All in all, the entire arena was a mess.

Under such circumstances, only the Supreme Alliance members didn’t seem to be affected.

Lin Feng had his arm around Yun Hu’s shoulder and didn’t intend to move.

He was still informing his best buddy about Little Spade and their captain.

When the news finally hit, he lifted his brow. “Watanabe? From the Japanese?”

“Seems to be.” Yun Hu’s gaze fell at his chin. He just drank water, but when the droplets were flowing down the curve, it ignited the urge to kiss him.

Lin Feng, however, had always been oblivious. “Why do you think they are here? Are they perhaps here to take revenge on Little Spade for that time on the Japanese server?”

“I doubt it.” Yun Hu frowned as someone was far too close. His smell was spreading over and tempting him.

Lin Feng continued to mutter while Qin Mo suddenly paused at the very front.

Lin Feng would have crashed into him if Yun Hu hadn’t held onto him.


Lin Feng was at the brink of danger. He wasn’t Little Spade; if he had really bumped into his captain, with his clean-freak personality, he would definitely have punished him with more training.

Qin Mo turned around. His face was ravishing and his tone calm. “You can go first.”

Then he turned to the other direction.

What had happened?

Seated on the spectator’s stand, Rao Rong turned around. “Is it time to leave?”

The woman smiled as she stood up. Her gaze was dark as she blended into the crowd.

The quietest place in the entire grounds was the end of the safety exit, which was the interview room.

The host appeared enthusiastic. However, it was a short interview and they couldn’t chat long.

Bo Jiu was already finishing. “That’s about it.”

“Thank you, Big Spade, for accepting our interview. All the fans, including myself, are anticipating your performance.”

Bo Jiu smiled, stuffing a hand into her pocket as she removed her headphones with the other.

Then everyone froze, before turning towards the entrance; their eyes widening with disbelief.

This was all because of the person that walked over!

As an esports host, she was familiar with the Almighties of the industry.

And the person in front was someone she had requested five interviews from, with a rejection every single time.

But today, she managed to see him in person!

The international esports player Hoshino, who was the most valuable player of the year and a world-class player with daggers hiding under his gentle movements.

These terms were all used to describe him.

But to see him in real life…

The host understood why his looks were always complimented along with his skills.

Dashing, he was so dashing she couldn’t look him in the eyes.

However, everyone was bewildered.

What was the famous Almighty Hoshino doing here?

The host was clearly affected. This was a rare chance for her; she held up the microphone, prepared to give an interview.

Hoshino glanced over, his clear eyes fixated on the youngster’s face. His eyes were deep but unwavering. It was an exchange familiar between them.

Z, I know it’s you.

Bo Jiu had never expected to see him here. When she finally received his gaze, her eyes froze slightly before her lips turned upwards as she faced him straight on.

That silent acknowledgement had always been their rapport.

This wasn’t a good place for a reunion because there were far too many people.

Based on Hoshino’s usual style, he would never find the youngster so outrightly and without a care, but it was different this time.

He was really afraid; afraid that he was wrong because he was most afraid of never finding a trace of that person on this world.

“Almighty Hoshino, let’s have a talk?” Bo Jiu walked towards him, both her lips and eyes upturned.

This was Hoshino’s memory of that person.

Even if the hair colour and age weren’t the same, everything else was right.

While asking, the youngster didn’t forget to send out other signals.

Watch the sides.

When he had helped her cover as Z before, it had been the same gaze, which they had used on the streets.

This time was the same.

Hoshino nodded slightly.

They walked in front of the other. Before the others could recover from their shock and confusion about their relationship, Bo Jiu had already brushed past the host, removing the electric key in her pocket.

Once they were out of the interview room, she pressed her left hand onto the sensor.

The moment the doors shut, both the host and the cameraman snapped out of their shock.

Their first reaction was definitely to chase after them for such footage.

But when they pushed the door, they realized it was locked!!!

Why was it locked?

“The electric key,” the cameraman reminded her.

The host hurriedly reached for her pocket, but realized it was empty.

The cameraman watched as she flipped her pockets inside out and frowned. “What is it?”

“My card is missing.”

From her expression, she didn’t seem to have realized that Bo Jiu had taken it when she brushed past her.

The corridor wasn’t a good place to talk either, but it was much better than the interview room.

They faced each other as light rays were entering through the window.

Everyone else was at the other end of the building due to Watanabe’s presence so no one would be over here.

Hoshino lowered his eyes to look at the person in front of him.

Bo Jiu broke into a breezy smile. Just as she was about to say something, she was pulled into an embrace.

The voice was light while the tone was warm and suppressed; with a volume that only the both of them could hear. “Long time no see, Z.”

An embrace from a good friend and his words thick with emotions.

She couldn’t help reaching out to press his back in silence.

This was necessary for both of them, to celebrate their long awaited reunion.

However, this innocent scene morphed into something else in someone’s eyes.

That indulgent hug, the mutual understanding within their gazes, that unobstructed intimacy.

Qin Mo paused.

If there had been anyone behind him, this person would definitely have felt the hostility and coldness which he gave off.

It was enough to stop anyone.

Under the mess of bright lights, Qin Mo stood with his back straightened. Even such a nonchalant pose looked right out of a poster because those pair of deep eyes were clouded with a grey fog due to the scene in front of him.

It wasn’t that unexpected.

Back in the streets of Tokyo, the youngster had clearly been affected by an advertisement starring Hoshino.

He had gotten someone to investigate, but the result had been that they didn’t have much interaction.

Now, however, the sort of presence Hoshino had in his heart, was finally clear.

It wasn’t that the youngster wasn’t gay, he just wasn’t the subject of his affection…

Qin Mo tapped the cigarette between his fingers, his gaze chilling. Wind gushed through the window behind him. He seemed like an alluring demon, elegant yet ice-cold.

Not the least bit of warmth was radiating off him.

Bo Jiu definitely noticed such an aura. The moment she raised her eyes, she saw the person looking at her.

He held a cigarette in his hand, his long slender fingers gleaming, his stance graceful. For the first time, there wasn’t a smile on his face. There wasn’t even a shadow in his eyes, only his thick brows and sharp nose, giving off the feeling of being unapproachable…


Before she could take a close look, Qin Mo had already turned. Taking large strides away, wrath and a piercing coldness coated his entire being.

Bo Jiu stilled.

Did the Almighty see them?

Hoshino felt her pausing, turning towards her line of sight.

It was empty.

“Was there someone?” Hoshino asked.

Bo Jiu nodded very slowly.

According to the scene just now, the Almighty must have misunderstood their relationship.

Should she use this opportunity to get rid of the Almighty’s feelings?

That seemed like a plan.

Bo Jiu lowered her eyes, tightening her fists.

Such a misunderstanding was better than for the Almighty to discover her real identity and feel as though he had been cheated.

It was only time before they faced each other because she was at the top of his wanted list, after all.

He was the criminologist she needed to defend against.

They should never have met.

But it was too comfortable by his side, the original fear shedding away since no one else protected her as much as him…

Hoshino had never seen Z with such an expression.

Even though she was smiling, her gaze was filled with an unknown emotion.

Was it because of the person that had appeared?

Hoshino turned towards that direction before retracting his gaze, placing it back on Bo Jiu’s face. In volume that only the both of them could hear, he asked, “This isn’t a disguise?”

The question was finally here.

Bo Jiu didn’t know how to explain the situation; perhaps no one would believe her.

She herself was an atheist, so how could she believe in rebirth?

But that was how things were…

“It isn’t a disguise.” She suppressed her voice. When the footsteps were finally out of hearing range, she shifted her gaze.

Hoshino lifted a brow. “If it isn’t a disguise, what is it? You seem much younger. High school student? The five year younger version of yourself? How did that happen?”

Bo Jiu knew there wasn’t anyone nearby. After the Almighty had left, it wasn’t possible for him to return. Thus, if she lowered her volume, no one would hear what she said.

She reached out a hand, pressing onto the wall behind Hoshino. Her eyes were lowered. Even though she was much closer now, it was actually only to be totally safe.

“Because this isn’t my body,” Bo Jiu said gravely, every word weighing heavily in Hoshino’s heart. “Hoshino, I died and was reborn. When I woke up, I was already in this body. I… reincarnated.”

He shook, his gaze indescribable.