Chapter 749 - Return of Z

Chapter 749: Return of Z

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Dead and reborn?


Hoshino released the youngster, his pupils trembling. “So the current you?”

“Someone else’s body.” Bo Jiu glanced out of the window. Her side profile was perfect, but blurry. “I don’t know who I am now.”

A loud roar sounded!

A deafening thunder pierced through the air.

A ray of light splashed on the youngster’s face. Even though she stood in the darkest corner with her hands in her pockets, her smile didn’t falter. “Do I need to verify my identity?”

“It’s not necessary.” Hoshino glanced at the person ahead, trying to digest the information. Gradually, a gentle glow returned to his eyes, but there was another emotion within.

Dead and reborn.

Death. What was it like?

Hoshino tightened both hands. He couldn’t imagine a life without her.

“Don’t look at me like that.” Bo Jiu took a step forward, lifting her brow. “This new identity isn’t that bad, it’s a perfect disguise. How long has it been since I was a high school student?”

Hoshino finally had a chance to scrutinize her attire. Wait a moment…

“It’s a male body?”

Bo Jiu lifted her lips lazily. “It’s still an ambiguous age, though it’s a pity that this body is female. But not many are aware since the original owner went through some things, forcing her to hide her gender.”

“You never seem away from trouble.” Hoshino seemed to have fully recovered from the shock. He was relieved to be able to see her again.

Bo Jiu lifted her lips lightly. “I’m bewildered as well, something can happen even when I’m in this state.”

“You mean the incident with Z.”

There was no doubt that they were partners because the moment she spoke, the intelligent Hoshino would instantly catch on to what she was saying.

“You have been investigating?” Even though it wasn’t a good location, certain communication was necessary.

Hoshino’s gaze deepened. “Initially, I thought it was you, but when a chat appeared with the email you sent me, I didn’t think it was right. But it was too late by the time I found out, there wasn’t any way to trace his IP and the way he did things was as thorough as you, which didn’t leave any tracks.”

“How can there be no traces?” Bo Jiu turned towards the door, which was about to unlock, feeling regretful that it wasn’t a good location. “Imitating me is already a trace. Hoshino, do you still remember what I told you? Traces of the perpetrator will always be found in his crimes. Who is the first victim of the chat and where is she? Perhaps someone may assume that they are far away in another district or city, but we both know this isn’t an ordinary instigation, he chose someone to be the Maiden’s Sacrifice and it wasn’t random. I have the feeling that the person is in Jiang City. Once I discover his intentions for imitating me, I’ll find the most important clue. I…”

Bo Jiu remembered that she was still under the Almighty’s safe protection. When she heard the noise from the door, she lifted her eyes. “It isn’t convenient for me to take action now, you can investigate first… walk straight and turn left to avoid the fans.”

Hoshino watched as the youngster stood in front of him, knowing that the conversation had ended.

They moved with chemistry.

The moment she finished instructing, Hoshino lifted his legs towards the route she had provided…