Chapter 75 - Lord Jiu Flirts with Almighty Qin

Chapter 75: Lord Jiu Flirts with Almighty Qin

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“Qin, CEO Qin,” the waiter said in such a small voice it was almost inaudible as he cautiously looked at the man who had just walked in.

Qin Mo looked at those two people in front of him. His back was so straight it was like a grand pine tree, causing people to feel not the slightest bit of warmth.

Those eyes were extremely dangerous. They were frozen like deep, ancient pools.

The waiter wanted to say something, but he realized that the incomparably regal man had already walked towards the window and grabbed that silver-haired young man’s collar with great force!


Fu Jiu didn’t know what was coming. She turned around, and her whole face was buried in Qin Mo’s chest. The cool mint scent coming from his ironed suit spread out and overwhelmed her senses…

Well, she didn’t need to guess to know that it was Almighty Qin who had come. Only he loved to grab her by the collar.

Fu Jiu looked up and her eyes met his. They were looking right back at her like two endless wells—incredibly emotionless and elegant.

“This pair of paws of yours is for playing games, not for flirting with men.” Qin Mo pinched Fu Jiu’s throat, and there was a sense of provocative seduction in his voice. “If I see you flirting with anyone else later, I will break your hands to save me trouble later.”

Fu Jiu raised her eyebrow. “I wasn’t flirting, we were teaming up. And Almighty Qin, why do you care so much about me? Don’t tell me you are…” She smiled leisurely as she spoke. Then she moved closer to his ear and said slowly, “Jealous?”

Every man’s forbidden spot was his ears.

No matter how much self-control he had, Qin Mo was still a normal man.

More than anything, he couldn’t bear for his ears to be blown on like that.

He looked at the young man’s unique delicate face, which made his teeth grind. He had a youthful fruit candy scent. It was obviously a very likable face, but why did he want to strangle him every single time?

Fu Jiu was laughing, and she moved even closer. “Did I guess right?”

When she moved away, her face brushed against his, and it was so close that her light-colored lips touched his ears.

“Fu! Jiu!” Qin Mo grabbed her again with strength and pushed her right back into her chair. With his usual cold and domineering evilness, his thin lips puckered into a line. His fists tightened as he said in an extremely cold voice, “Keep your distance when you talk to me, I’m not gay. I won’t get jealous over you, so eat your hot pot.”

Fu Jiu touched her nose. “Are you really mad? Is it because I wasn’t there when you went to look for me after the meeting? Is that why you are mad at me? You can’t blame me for that. Your manager was too nosy. You know me, how can I take that kind of sh*t? I only didn’t punch him because it was your territory!”

“So you’re saying I should thank you?” Qin Mo sounded even colder.

On the side, Feng Shang was completely stunned. After all, he had only met Young Master Qin a few times, and he had never seen him treat anyone like this.

He wasn’t really being bad to his idol, but his eyes implied that he wanted to break his idol’s neck.

But… what did his idol do… He…he nearly kissed Young Master Qin’s ear?!

Did, did he want to die?

As his new teammate, he needed to speak up for his idol. Otherwise, Young Master Qin might really blacklist his idol!

“Young-young Master Qin, it-it-it was not Fu Jiu’s fault. That-that-that Manager Li picked on him and asked-asked Jiu Jiu to get out.”

Hearing that, Qin Mo raised his eyebrow and looked at Fu Jiu with a complicated expression on his face. His eyes were really warm. “Jiu Jiu? Heh, Lord Jiu, you’ve changed your name again? You’re not asking people to call you Lord Jiu now? Heh, Jiu Jiu…”