Chapter 750 - Where is Little Spade?

Chapter 750: Where is Little Spade?

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When the host and cameraman came out, their hairs were a mess. They looked around several times, but couldn’t see Almighty Hoshino anywhere.

Instead, Big Spade stood in front of them with a natural smile, exposing her two adorable front teeth. “With regards to the interview just now, I wasn’t very serious about one of the questions. Since we have time right now, I can answer it again.”

Hoshino was the most important question at the moment!

However, because Big Spade personally requested it, how could they reject him?!

“It’ll be a pity if the both of you are in a rush.” The youngster raised her wrist to take a look at her watch before putting it back down. Deep inside, she counted down from one hundred internally. Once she had reached zero, Bo Jiu turned to smile lightly. “You can go.”

This pause was enough for Hoshino to leave the safety exit and blend into the crowd.

Both the host and cameraman were touched by his understanding, but forgot to ask if she knew Hoshino since they came out together.

It wasn’t until they had left that they sensed that something was amiss. When they paused to glance backwards, the youngster was already gone.

They didn’t know that skilled magicians would often use other matters to divert one’s attention, which was exactly what Bo Jiu did.

There was a reason the police could never seem to catch Z.

Other than possessing superior hacking skills, she was also extremely crafty, disguising as a professional in a countless number of different jobs.

A pub singer, bartender, magician and even a waiter.

Hence, she wasn’t worried about escaping unscathed.

The youngster leaned against the wall. When she glanced over, a smile appeared on her face.

If Hoshino had caught sight of this smile, he would have been more certain that this was Z.

It marked the true return of Z.

Outside the arena, after the thunderous roar was the first rain of the year.

The bone chilling cold splashed drop by drop onto Qin Mo’s face.

Somehow, some people possessed such an air about them.

Even amidst the rain, he still managed to give off a nonchalant aristocratic air.

But his entire being was radiating a chilliness.

The coldness was so strong that even assistant deputy zhang didn’t dare to approach him.

But, he can’t just let young master walk under the rain!

Qin Mo was born into a military family hence everything he used was the best.

He wasn’t just doted on by his parents, he still has a wealthy grandfather that pampers him.

Ever since he was young, he was raised as a sheltered little prince.

Even now, the moment he walked out, a body guard would head over with a black umbrella.

But young master didn’t allow him to follow.

And they didn’t dare disobey his orders.

Assistant deputy Zhang decided to head over personally, “Young master, the supreme alliance car is over at the other side.”

Qin Mo didn’t reply, droplets dripping from his lashes, puddles forming on his battle gear, looking like an elegant demon.

But this time, it wasn’t nonchalance within his gaze.

Even assistant deputy zhang couldn’t identify what it was.

Because the next second, Qin Mo headed for the commercial car.

Lin Feng sat on the extreme left, pulling open the car door.

He didn’t need an umbrella as well.

Yun Hu frowned, after tugging his gear, he turned heading down as well.

While he ran towards Qin Mo, he glanced backwards, “Captain, where’s little spade?”