Chapter 751 - I’m the One Who Was Rejected

Chapter 751: I’m the One Who Was Rejected

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When Lin Feng ran over to Qin Mo, he turned to glance behind him. “Captain, where’s Little Spade?”

Didn’t Hu say that he went to get Little Spade?

Since he went to look for him, shouldn’t they have talked things out?

Why was Captain alone?

Qin Mo paused after hearing the question. Turning back, his expression was of unparalleled coldness.

Lin Feng froze, realizing that they hadn’t talked things out.

“That, er, Captain, I know that Little Spade can be too straightforward sometimes, which may have infuriated you. It’s understandable to reject him, but such a tension would affect others as well, for instance, I feel very hopeless about gay relationships.”

Yun Hu glanced over. Why would their quarrel affect you?!

“Really, it’s alright to feel hopeless.” Lin Feng sighed. “But, Captain, don’t be mad at Little Spade, even if he slept with you, you have to forgive that child. Even if he went too far, you won’t really allow him to take advantage of you, right? Later, when Little Spade comes out, you can just beat him a few times to vent your frustration. He must be feeling down from the rejection.”

Water droplets fell onto Qin Mo’s aristocratic face and even his dark strands started falling downwards, concealing his expression.

Lin Feng wasn’t sure if he was angered that much by Little Spade that even his back was stiff.

Just then, a low voice came from beside, seemingly cold from the rain. “I was the one who was rejected.”

Immediately, both Lin Feng and Yun Hu turned towards him!

Qin Mo stood with his back straight. On closer inspection, his attire battle gear was drenched, his dark hair soaking wet.

He, who had always been pampered, had blood oozing from a cut.

Lin Feng had never seen his captain in such a state.

Qin Mo’s wispy dark hair falling across his eyes as he repeated heavily, “I’m the one who was rejected.”

Lin Feng widened his mouth in shock.

He couldn’t seem to believe what he just heard.

Since everyone knew Spade Z joined Supreme Alliance harbouring ulterior motives ━ their captain.

Moreover, before Little Spade had entered, he had already confessed to their captain many times.

So shouldn’t Little Spade be the one who pursued the other party?

Lin Feng turned towards Yun Hu, whose gaze was serious and who clearly already accepting the situation.

Yun Hu also seemed to have already guessed it.

Lin Feng, on the other hand, took a moment, but still couldn’t understand it. He needed time to calm down.

The main point was, how could their captain be gay? Was this a joke?

And what did he mean by rejected?

The way Little Spade looked at captain was clearly filled with desire. So why would he reject him?

Little Spade had always been a loyal puppy in his eyes. After watching the variety program, he really seemed obedient in front of captain…