Chapter 752 - Three Words

Chapter 752: Three Words

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Lin Feng couldn’t accept the situation so readily.

There had to be a misunderstanding, but he wasn’t in the right state of mind to figure it out.

Who could enlighten him? Why did his captain suddenly shift his taste towards a pretty boy like Little Spade?

What about the girl he had kissed?

Something didn’t add up.

Even after boarding the car, Lin Feng remained silent.

This was perhaps how teammates were; they could chatter endlessly, but when it came to something so raw and heartfelt, they wouldn’t probe.

Lin Feng glanced at Qin Mo. The damp coldness was forming a veil around him as he didn’t intend to dry himself, resting with his eyes shut. But when a droplet rolled down his ravishing face, it didn’t seem like he was taking a rest.

Instead, the entire car seemed to have slipped into an igloo.

Coco hugged onto his bunny, biting its ears before inching towards Baby Feng. Just as he was about to say something, he realized that the person he was seeking out wasn’t that strong either.

He inched towards the other side towards Yin Wuyao.

Baby Feng looked at him with confusion.

Coco returned the gaze, seemingly trying to say he wouldn’t understand.

Captain was activating his frosting ability.

Baby Feng eyed him back. What did that have to do with you approaching and then leaving me?!

I have to find someone that can protect me, if it was you… I would be the one doing the protecting.

They seemed to understand each other, even though they only communicated via their eyes.

Baby Feng perked up, pulling him towards himself. Who said I can’t protect you!?

Yin Wuyao watched the two kids moving back and forth, itching for a smoke due to the atmosphere in the car… What exactly was happening between Captain and Little Captain?

As expected of an older person, he was more experienced. However, understanding wasn’t enough.

Then the driver started the car, but the person beside held onto the steering wheel.

Qin Mo’s long, slender fingers looked immaculate even with tiny droplets dripping off. “Wait for him.”

Three words.

Although he didn’t specify who he was, everyone understood that he was referring to Fu Jiu.

At that moment, while glancing over at Qin Mo’s almost translucent nails, Lin Feng finally believed what he had said because even in such a moment, he still thought of the other person.

Captain and Little Spade.

It wasn’t just a simple adoration…

It was a pity though that Bo Jiu wasn’t aware that someone was waiting for her at the main building.

Moreover, she would take awhile in order to avoid the fans and media as there were already fans heading over to the main building. Hence, it wouldn’t be wise to appear at this moment.

On the other side, Hoshino walked along the road, passing through the light drizzle. With a hand on the railing and a suave flip, he landed at the other side.

The arena was situated in a bustling area, making it easy to get a cab.

Even if there were many people trying to get a cab because of the rain, no one tried to snatch Hoshino’s cab.

The first thing he did after boarding the cab was calling his two other teammates. “Where are you?”

“West gate. Vice-captain, hurry over! They’re about to catch up, f*ck, my cap!”