Chapter 753 - Not Worth Saving

Chapter 753: Not Worth Saving

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Since Watanabe’s situation wasn’t favorable, he sped up after catching sight of the reporters behind him.

However, the rain wasn’t helping as it caused his feet to slip several times.

The situation would only worsen if fans were injured from chasing him.

Thus, Watanabe rushed Hoshino anxiously. He really couldn’t hold on for long ━ but if he slowed, a much more horrifying situation would await him.

As he wasn’t accompanied by either their manager or any bodyguards, he would definitely be trampled by the fan’s enthusiasm if he got caught.

Hoshino glanced over at the scene across the railing. He held onto the phone, his voice carrying a calming effect. “Run towards the main road, the faster the better.”

“Vice-captain, are you mistaken?! That’s where most of the fans are!” Watanabe asked even though he had already advanced in that direction, making a turn to leave a huge chunk of the fans behind. Without wearing his cap, he could only hope they wouldn’t catch up.

Hoshino raised his wrist, taking a look at the time before rushing. “Run faster.”

Watanabe would definitely oblige because he was still waiting for his vice-captain to save him from this mess.

“I’m going to count down from 7, run onto the road, there’ll be a car waiting.” Hoshino rolled the windows as he commanded and then turned towards the driver at the side. “Sir, could you stop here for a while with your headlights on?”

“Yes!” The driver had experience in such situations because there were always celebrities holding concerts in Jiang City. However, until now, he had only ever driven the fans.

This was the first time a celebrity sat in his cab.

At least he seemed to be a celebrity because it was the only explanation for the masses chasing after him.

“3 ,2, 1.”

With the last number, he reached out to pull open the left door.

In that instant, Watanabe scooted over hurriedly before slamming the doors shut. He was panting. “Al-almost, I-I’m exhausted.”

“Sir, we can go.” Hoshino didn’t speak to Watanabe immediately since he was instructing the driver to head off.

The fans, who hadn’t caught up, stood at the edge of the road, shouting Watanabe’s name.

It wasn’t a rare sight, especially for Supreme Alliance, who was still seated in the car.

Lin Feng lifted a brow. “That was a close call for the Japanese.”

It was pretty impressive to watch the competition without bringing a manager or informing the management.


“Was the person in the car waiting for him? I guess he wasn’t the only one from the team that came.”

Lin Feng’s words made sense

However, besides Qin Mo, no one else was sure who the person waiting for Watanabe was.

When the car drove past them with the windows scrolled down, the person was in full view. His features were clean and gentle and he had a face which almost everyone in esports would recognize.

He must have noticed their stares because he turned over, showing his entire face, even though it was just a fleeting moment.

“Hoshino!” The almighty who Coco loved the most. Now that he had seen him in person, he couldn’t seem to calm down.

“Hoshino is actually here!”

Coco couldn’t seem to believe it. His gaze was still fixed on the cab.

Xue Yaoyao wasn’t that well versed in the industry, hence, she couldn’t understand what Coco was feeling. Therefore, she asked, “Is he good?”

“He isn’t just good, he’s amazing and extremely handsome during his matches.” Coco continued smoothly, “That’s odd, he never ever watches competitions and would spend all his time sleeping. Why would he come to watch a revival match? Even if it was because of the incident on the Japanese server and the team had wanted to see Big Spade, there wasn’t a need for him to come personally. That’s odd, really odd.”

Qin Mo had his eyes shut the entire time. His entire being looked icy-cold.

The obvious chunks of water were gone, but there were still faint remnants of the rain on his ravishing face, but especially in his damp hair.

Lin Feng glanced at him before turning towards the exit. This person still hadn’t appeared and there still wasn’t a reply to the voice message he had sent out.

After waiting for about half an hour, Qin Mo commanded faintly, “Let’s go.”

Two words, but the heat inside his voice wasn’t the same.

All the warmth seemed to have left his body.

Lin Feng couldn’t help worrying. He took another look at his phone, but there still wasn’t a reply.

What was Little Spade doing?!

Bo Jiu was indeed busy, but it was a pure accident.

She had taken a turn to avoid some fans, but had bumped straight into Lin Chentao’s captain.

Bo Jiu hid backwards instinctively, her back pressed against the wall as she tilted her head to the side. He was talking with a female as they walked towards the other direction.

While they had been filming, he had acted in a way she couldn’t ignore.

After noticing them, Bo Jiu chose to follow behind and had set her phone on silent.

However, unexpectedly, Bo Jiu didn’t discover anything since he was overly guarded and skilled at avoiding people ━ and it was all subconscious.

In her past life, Bo Jiu would often hide from the police, which had trained her surveillance skills. Rao Rong seemed to possess such skills as well.

Back when they had been in Lin City, Bo Jiu had already noticed it. After following him now, she was certain that his guard was activated subconsciously.

Bo Jiu narrowed her eyes. This wasn’t a skill fitting an esports player.

Unless he wasn’t that simple…

Bo Jiu watched as he flagged down a cab. It wouldn’t be easy to follow since there weren’t any cars behind.

However, this was enough as it would be hard to remain incognito if she persisted.

Bo Jiu started recalling the female he had met. They hadn’t been saying anything of importance.

But then again, why had he been so guarded?

The rain started intensifying, cutting her thoughts short.

Without a cab in sight, Bo Jiu turned, putting on her face mask and flipping her battle uniform around. Then she entered the train station.

As the rain at this hour was a bone-chilling cold and Bo Jiu was drenched from it, she started to feel cold.

After she had bought a travel pass, her temperature was starting to stabilise. As she stuffed her left hand into her pocket, she saw the three missed calls.

Lin Feng.

After passing through the safety checks, Bo Jiu replied hurriedly.

Ten minutes after she had received a reply, Lin Feng called her.

“Hello.” It wasn’t easy to get a seat on the train, but Bo Jiu never intended to sit since she was still soaking wet.

Lin Feng sighed heavily. “Little Spade, you finally picked up the call. What were you doing just now? How can you not pick up? We waited for half an hour.”

Bo Jiu stopped in her tracks. “I thought you guys had left after the competition.”

“We were going to, but Captain wanted to wait.” Lin Feng paused, not revealing everything Qin Mo had said.

Bo Jiu froze, her fingers tightening because some things didn’t need to be said ━ the words which were left unspoken were already clear.

His backview resurfaced in her mind as she rubbed her fingers.

She was suppressing an urge. In the end, she kept it in, not sending a certain someone a message.

Even if she didn’t send him a message, someone else had.

This was why Qin Mo didn’t head back to the Qin family’s main house.

Director Huang had called and his tone was serious. “Hurry over to the station, there is something you have to look at. No one else can solve this.”

It wasn’t a bad time because Qin Mo needed something to do to divert his attention.

The atmosphere in the crime squad wasn’t the usual because everyone seemed to be tensed up.

Director Huang personally led him into the interrogation room.

“Do you see the person inside?”

Director Huang pointed towards the glass.

Qin Mo looked pale, almost translucent, but that didn’t affect his good looks. He remained silent, waiting for Director Huang to continue.

Director Huang noticed that something was amiss, but this wasn’t the time to probe.

“This person was infected by… AIDS, out of nowhere.” Director Huang turned to look at Qin Mo. “Now she harbours a vengeful heart, but we can’t seem to get anything useful out of her. Instead, she seems hard to control. We are both aware that AIDS can’t be contracted out of nowhere. We have checked her friends, but they all came out clean”

Qin Mo glanced at the fashionably dressed female, his gaze sweeping the Gucci bracelet on her wrist, the full set of Swarovski accessories and her shoes. “How’s her family background?”

“Alright, very average.” Director Huang followed his gaze. “I noticed that as well, she likes to buy branded goods. But I’ve checked and her job isn’t anything bad. Even though it may be costly, it is common among females to scrimp and save the entire month just to afford even one of it.”

Qin Mo lifted his lids. “Her friends are clean, her job is clean, she doesn’t have a history of donating blood and none of the people around her is infected… Director Huang, have you checked dating apps?”

Director Huang was dumbstruck.

He turned quickly, instructing his men to investigate.

The crime squad was usually much brighter.

However, this time, they couldn’t be blamed for not making the association as there wasn’t a problem with her QQ and her WeChat was spotless as well.

This left dating apps as the only option.

Qin Mo suspected she hadn’t been truthful because she had glanced over several times since the start.

Her behavior seemed frustrated.

But other than unease and frustration, there was also a materialistic vein in her she couldn’t change.

Qin Mo could imagine what sort of person she was.

She wasn’t worth saving.

If it was up to him, he would never save her ━ but no one should dictate another person’s life and death.

Director Huang was still ordering his men, but when he turned, he was startled by Qin Mo’s paleness; his entire face was stripped of colour, even his lips were white. “What’s wrong? Oh God! Someone! Someone hurry over!”

Qin Mo leaned against the wall with a hand on his forehead, his voice breathy. “Get Deputy Assistant Zhang over.”

Director Huang had never been ordered like this by anyone. However, that didn’t include Qin Mo.

When Deputy Assistant Zhang saw the state Qin Mo was in, his face changed. Then he suddenly remembered that his young master hadn’t changed out of his wet clothes.

Even a healthy body wouldn’t be able to take it, much less to say his young master with his old injuries.

Deputy Assistant Zhang didn’t say much while reaching out to pull Qin Mo’s hand over his shoulders.

Qin Mo’s pride would never allow him to let others see him in such a sorry state.

Thus, he only thoroughly lost his strength when he reached the car.

However, even now, his gaze was deep as he spoke to Director Huang in crystal-clear words, “Pry open her mouth and get her to tell the truth, this case isn’t that simple.”

Director Huang knew he was referring to the girl who was locked up. He nodded heavily, telling him to take care.

After Director Huang had left, Qin Mo could no longer feel a thing besides an insatiable thirst and a burning sensation. Even his breathing seemed on fire with every breath heating up the area.

While images started churning in his mind,He pressed a hand on his forehead as if it would soothe him.

A large chunk of images from his childhood.

They were a mess, appearing haphazardly.

Some of them weren’t complete.

In his foggy memory, there was always someone tackling him to the ground.

That vigour ignited an urge within him to toss her out, but overtime, he realized he couldn’t carry her.

The feeling intensified.

It became so strong that he wanted to stay, but he couldn’t even remember.

Meanwhile, they had arrived at the Qin family’s mansion.

Movie Queen An wasn’t there. Thus, Deputy Assistant Zhang started to blame himself as he glanced down at Qin Mo.

The doctor stood at the side, poking a needle into his veins.

He frowned as the cold needle intruded…