Chapter 754 - Jiu Climbs the Wall to Find Qin Mo

Chapter 754: Jiu Climbs the Wall to Find Qin Mo

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It was a well known fact in the household that it wasn’t common for Qin Mo to fall sick.

Qin Mo hated getting a fever because whenever he had a fever, many buried memories would resurface.

Although it had been a while since her young master last had a fever, Madam Zhang could still remember it clearly.

At that time, his hand had been wounded an his expression unforgettable.

He had laid there as though someone had just pulled him out from the waters, his eyes soulless.

He had worn Supreme Alliance’s battle uniform and had originally planned to participate in the National League.

No one knew what had happened.

The entire courtyard had been startled.

Someone from the crime squad had been keeping apologizing to Madam, explaining that they had never expected such an outcome.

The only thing they had been certain of was that he had jumped down to save someone.

The illness had persisted for three whole days.

The next time her young master had woken up, Supreme Alliance had already lost.

Then her young master had started to change.

Although he had never liked to smile, he appeared even more lifeless after that incident and he had even started forgetting things.

Sometimes, when her madam spoke of how proud he had been as a child, he would always place is wooden chopsticks down, asking faintly, “Really?”

At the start, no one had noticed anything amiss. But soon after, they realized that he had really forgotten a large chunk of his childhood.

Fortunately, it was just a year worth of memory.

Madam Zhang hadn’t thought much of it.

But the doctors had mentioned that it would lead to a loss of emotion and had instructed them to stop him from acting like that.

Actually, everyone knew that whenever it rained, their young master’s feelings would be affected.

However, it wasn’t that impactful because their young master would never show his feelings.

But why did he get so wet this time?

Madam Zhang watched at the side, her heart aching with worry.

Madam wasn’t at home, so only the maids and guards were around.

It had always been like this.

Hence, her young master would always feel a distance to others.

“Since he has finished the drip, his temperature will fall soon. But Young Master may feel uncomfortable…”

Qin Mo laid on the bed with his brows furrowed into a tight knot. His face was stripped off colour, his brows thick and nose sharp. At this moment, even his ravishing good looks couldn’t conceal his discomfort.

Deputy Assistant Zhang listened attentively, making sure to take care of everything.

Fortunately, it wouldn’t affect the competition.

They didn’t need to explain much when notifying the club.

When Feng Yi heard the news, he paused slightly.

He was in front of a table full of bosses ━ all business partners.

He threw them an excuse, leaving the table with a smile.

But as he couldn’t just leave completely, he took a moment before crafting a message to someone.

Rather than him, Boss Qin would very much prefer someone else to take care of him.

Bo Jiu was making a call when he received the text.

Lin Feng picked up swiftly, sighing deeply. “Little Spade, you finally appeared. Where exactly did you go, why didn’t you pick up your phone?”

“There was something urgent I had to tend to, what is it?” Bo Jiu held her phone with one hand while she used the other to tap the train gate sensor. Still dressed in her battle gear with a head full of damp, silvery hair, it wasn’t a surprise that she stood out.

A few high school students, who just finished watching a movie, couldn’t help staring at the youngster, their admiration apparent.

“So handsome!”

Even after the youngster had walked further, she could still hear the whispered compliments.

Lin Feng heard it as well. “Where are you? Why is it so noisy?”

“Train.” Bo Jiu turned towards another direction.

Lin Feng smirked. “So you went back alone. Captain waited under the rain for around half an hour, he doesn’t seem to be feeling well now.”

“Not feeling well?” The moment she caught the three words, Bo Jiu’s other thoughts vanished. She paused mid-step. “Where is he not feeling well?”

It was obviously his heart, but Lin Feng would never say something like that. Instead, he muttered, “He’s just not feeling well, why don’t you call and ask?”

Bo Jiu didn’t bother replying and hung up the call.

A certain young master glanced at the phone screen in confusion, seriously… That had been fast.

Bo Jiu swiped the screen, but before she could press the numbers, she saw the message from Feng Yi.

The content was simple. “Almighty Qin is having a high fever, there isn’t anyone there to take care of him and I can’t go over at the moment.”

Bo Jiu threw her phone into her pockets.

She didn’t bother about the rain as she was running out of the train.

She moved like an unstoppable wind. Those around watched the youngster as she pressed onto the railing, flipping over suavely before landing perfectly ━ a scene straight out of an action film. Rain droplets flipped out from the corners of her shirt.

Those who weren’t aware thought the police were going after a criminal since the actions were on a professional level.

Well, the wall-jumping student could climb walls perfectly, much less to say a railing.

It wasn’t just the passerby, even the cab driver assumed Bo Jiu was under an order. Therefore, he drove at a high speed.

Bo Jiu wasn’t near the military courtyard and especially in a place like Jiang City, the time would be lengthened if they met a jam.

After about an hour, the cab reached the military courtyard.

It was already 10 pm at night, which was why there wouldn’t be many people on the streets at this hour when it was cold.

As the night continued to deepen, something else took place in a remote county located in a small town near Jiang City at the same time.

A red Ferrari stopped in front of a county hospital.

It was still raining.

The roads weren’t as well paved as those in Jiang City.

After alighting the car, Wu Zhen’s first reaction was to frown. “Are you sure it’s here?”

“He Honghua, that country bumpkin, is from this county, it won’t be wrong.” Su Mei walked with an umbrella in her hand. The mud beneath her was a source of annoyance.

Wu Zhen had been to such places previously because of her job, but she had never been willing.

However, she had always enjoyed arresting criminals, which explained her deep hatred towards the youngster.

If it wasn’t for that gay, she would never have been kicked out of the crime squad and would never have been ousted by the police force.

Fortunately, her father managed to salvage the situation. Even if she couldn’t resume her position in Jiang City, she could still go to a neighboring city.

“Let’s go in.” Wu Zhen glanced upwards, the umbrella in her hand. “Let me see what sort of secret that worthless person is hiding.”

Su Mei didn’t specify since she wasn’t sure, everything would only be out once they found the evidence.

A sensational secret that would shock everyone.

She wouldn’t be able to ease the hatred within her if she didn’t eliminate both that little bumpkin and He Honghua.

Although there was staff at the hospital at this hour, it was just a country hospital and thus wouldn’t receive emergencies because all emergencies would be sent in the city.

Hence, there weren’t many people around and the clanks from the high heels echoed through the walkway.

The staff on duty stood up.

Wu Zhen paused, showing a piece of evidence which hadn’t been detained. “Police on duty, please cooperate.”

The person on duty was clearly startled after finding out they were from Jiang City. They were just a small hospital, which wasn’t affected by doctor-patient problems. So why would they be here?

She didn’t dare make decisions and called for the hospital director hurriedly.

They waited a while more.

Meanwhile, Su Mei was impressed with Miss Wu’s techniques.

Everything could be resolved with such a blatant piece of evidence.

The hospital director arrived quickly, his face pale as he was worrying that they were in trouble.

He only calmed down after realizing they were here to investigate.

After all, no hospital director would welcome a visit from the police.


“It won’t be easy to find records from 17 years ago.” The hospital director wasn’t lying. “The difficulty increases with time.”

Wu Zhen was obviously aware of that fact since she used to be a police officer. “Every hospital would hold a record of the children which were delivered. Since the person involved gave birth here, there must definitely be a record.”

“There will be a record, but to check the entire year…” There were newborns being delivered every day and the numbers in those days had even been much higher. How could they be able to find it?

Wu Zhen turned towards Su Mei. “Do you know Fu Jiu’s birthday?”

“I forgot as well.” Su Mei had never cared about that little bast*rd. If he hadn’t become so hard to deal with, she would never have been to such a remote and desolate place.

Wu Zhen had never been mild tempered, especially towards liars. Her face hardened instantly. “You don’t even have a rough idea?”

Su Mei knew she couldn’t dare to be offended. “It should be the period from spring to autumn.”

“That would help the process.” The hospital director sighed. Even though it would help, deep down, he was still thinking about the four months worth of documents he had to go through.

Especially as that was 17 year ago. If it had been more current, the information would have been entered into the computer, making it easy to retrieve.

“What about the name?” The investigation would speed up with more information.

Wu Zhen wasn’t dumb. Since He Honghua delivered him here, there was a chance she would change that gay’s name. “Find the newborn’s mother, He Hongua.”

“Alright, alright,” the hospital director replied. “But four months worth of documents will require a lot of manpower. We will definitely cooperate, but the police should send more people over to help.”

Wu Zhen would never expose her real status as she only held the certificate and wasn’t able to touch the other colleagues. “We have limited manpower, there’s only the both of us, you just have to cooperate.”

“It’ll take up to three days,” the hospital director informed her.

Wu Zhen’s gaze hardened. “Then take three days, you just have to get the information.”

As the hospital director assumed the information would be useful to the case, a deep admiration towards the police was forming within him as he cooperated.

Even if he was being cooperative, the staff in charge of the documents had to be given notice.

Hence, the investigation could only start on the second day.

Wu Zhen and Su Mei walked out from the county hospital.

The person ahead stood firm, watching Su Mei. “Mrs Su, if we don’t find anything, I will find ways to deal with you even if that gay doesn’t keep this in mind. We are on the same boat, if you help me, the Wu family can help take back whatever the Fu family had taken from you. Mrs Su, I’m sure you are smart enough to understand this.”

A chill ran down her back and a cold was radiating from within her.

She now understood what it was like to work with a tiger.

But very soon, she was at ease because just as Wu Zhen had said, they were on the same boat.

“Don’t worry, we will definitely find some unnerving information.”

While they spoke, they didn’t seem to have noticed the shadows hiding in the dark, which belonged to the Qin family’s special forces.

Being experts in disguise, they were moving without a sound.

They were also able to contact Qin Mo directly.

However this time, after he completed his task and wanted to inform his young master, he realized that the call wouldn’t go through.

His gaze darkened, pulling the car door hurriedly before following behind the Ferrari.

He would have to wait to inform his young master about today’s news…

The rain started to ease, but the night continued to deepen.

At Bo Jis’s side in Jiang City at the military courtyard.

She had originally thought that it would take some effort to enter, but the moment the guards saw her, they lifted the barriers for her.

Under normal circumstances, they wouldn’t speak, but this time was an exception.

With just a ray of light between them, Bo Jiu could still see the note written on his book. Five short words. Ordered by Young Master Qin

Bo Jiu glanced at the line while shaking off the rain drops and then glancing at the house ahead.

Regardless of the beasts ahead or their fate as rivals, she needed to see her puppy.

Since the entire building was dark, Madam Zhang should be asleep.

How should she enter?

Bo Jiu glanced at the tree branch. She turned towards the curtains, which were drawn, and the balcony, which could be used as a lever.

With a brow lifted, she used the branch as pit stop. Her long legs exerting strength.

Her left hand grabbed onto the railing on the second floor. With a fling, she landed on the balcony.

The series of actions were swift and ravishing.

Of course, not everyone possessed such skills.

She landed softly, her left hand holding onto the balcony and a knee bent as she advanced in that position.

But obviously, as a cat that could eat, purr and look after the house, Princess would never allow anyone to enter his nest so easily.

The moment Bo Jiu climbed up, he widened his eyes, his fur exploding outwards like a ball…