Chapter 755 - Wall-Jumping Student

Chapter 755: Wall-Jumping Student

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If she had to describe it, she would guess that Princess was saying, “How dare you, peasant? how dare you disturb my beauty sleep?”

But the moment she whiffed her scent, her original growl turned into soft purrs.

Meow! What is that weird scented boy doing here?!

Bo Jiu was startled as well. She hurriedly carried Princess in an embrace, pressing a finger onto her lips to signal him to keep quiet.

Princess hated those who tried to curry up to him. He turned his arrogant cat face aside, starting his usual prance.

Bo Jiu knew she had to coax him, thus she was kneeling as she whispered, “This isn’t a convenient time. Next time, I’ll bring you some fish. Why do you even like something with such a strong taste?”

Princess eyes lit up instantly, he stopped being a nuisance, lifting his paws to caress her legs.

That was his way of saying, “I agree to your bribe, but you have to be honest, why did you climb up to my master’s room in the middle of the night, are you trying to peak on master’s beauty? Fess up!”

Bo Jiu reached out to push him aside because she was still searching for a tool to open the window.

Princess ignored her while continuing to caress her.

Bo Jiu carried the cat. Just as she was about to threaten him, she heard a sliding noise and the dark coloured curtains pulled open.

Next, a deep pair of eyes appeared.

Qin Mo stood in the dark room.

However, he clearly wasn’t in his usual condition, because there was a white plaster on the back of his hand and his skin was so white that it was almost transparent. Even the feeling he gave off had turned into that of a sickly aristocrat.

He watched her.

As Qin Mo had always had keen senses, he wouldn’t lower his guard even when he was unwell.

Hence, the moment someone had landed, he had detected the noise outside.

But due to his current condition, he couldn’t head over immediately.

The scene that kept replaying in his mind fogged his senses. Therefore, he wasn’t sure where he was for a moment.

Since Princess was a police cat after all, he had assumed that Princess would sound out the situation.

The moment princess called out, the special troops outside would gush in.

To a certain extent, Qin Mo wasn’t afraid anyone would enter the Qin family.

But after a half second, Princess’s growls turned into purrs before silencing entirely.

Once he was nearby, he heard a certain someone bribing him with fish ━ it seemed like his training hadn’t been good enough.

But he had to admit that when he heard that familiar voice, his lips lifted involuntarily.

Qin Mo remained silent. Probably due to his illness, even his gaze was listless.

There wasn’t anything more humiliating than being caught climbing into someone’s house.

Bo Jiu hugged Princess, pausing for a moment while trying to find an excuse to explain her actions.

Qin Mo interrupted her thoughts. “Is this the way wall-jumping students visit other people’s house? You can’t use the main gate, but have to come in with this manner to display your specialty?”

Bo Jiu knew that she would never be able to get rid of the title wall-jumping student.

That aside, her puppy’s complexion wasn’t good and that plaster on his arm was so jarring!

Qin Mo couldn’t help thinking that a certain someone was rather slow sometimes, especially right now. Couldn’t he just agree?

“Are you going to come in?”