Chapter 756 - Continued Sweetness

Chapter 756: Continued Sweetness

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Of course she wanted to go in ━ why else would she climb that wall?

“I’m going in.” She even made Princess nod with her.

Princess reached his claws out, trying to get his master to listen and telling him that he had been threatened.

Qin Mo, however, ignored him, reaching out to pull open the locked windows before turning back to the bed.

He clearly wasn’t recovered yet.

Bo Jiu jumped in effortlessly, but she suddenly realized that she hadn’t thought it through enough. When the Almighty opened the windows for her, the cold wind would enter the room.

After landing, she shut the windows immediately.

The youngster’s concern and worry that the wind would enter was captured by Qin Mo.

An unfamiliar feeling spread through his chest; warmth, sweetness and something he couldn’t identify.

The moment she entered, she released Princess to play by himself since she was more interested in his master.

She still remembered that back when they had been young, her puppy would be extremely weak whenever he fell sick, which was a stark contrast to her.

She was after all the tyrant of the West Street and the kids there were invincible, not afraid of any sickness.

Thus, in her heart, someone as perfect as the Almighty was in need of protection because he looked good, was quiet, didn’t like to talk and whenever he would lay down, his eyes would look extremely beautiful.

At this moment, he was still looking at her with his thin lips turning slightly upward.

Upright with a smile as bright as the moon.

This was the best way to describe him at this moment.

The Almighty didn’t seem to be mad at her.

As it wasn’t common for her to be mindful of what someone thought about her, it was probably a feeling that emerged after discovering he was her pet.

When they had been younger, she had always been worried when her puppy ignored her without a reason.

For instance, whenever she had played ball with someone else.

When she had come back to play with him, he would be disinterested and had even said that only wilful people would play ball.

She had obviously questioned him about it because it was an exercise that had suited her.

Her puppy had pinched her face, “Bo Xiaojiu, you’re hopeless.”

Thereafter, he had warned her to not find him if she was going to play with other people.

However, as none of the others looked as good as her puppy, the choice was obvious.

But it was really loud whenever she had started typing and she had been worried that it would affect him.

But after making some observations, she had realized that he hadn’t seemed the least bit affected.

He had even gotten her a little sofa with a backrest. After reading for a while, he would check if she was hungry.

He had made sure there was an endless supply of food.

The Almighty had seemed skilled at instructing his maid. This advantage had developed since he had been young.

Initially, everything had been great, but one day, he had eaten something she had made and ended up bedridden. He hadn’t had his usual arrogance as his soft hair falling downwards, looking like a doll ━ without any hint of life.

Bo Jiu was the only one who knew the depths of her guilt.

Today wasn’t any different.

After Lin Feng had told her that Qin Mo had waited in the rain for over half an hour, Bo Jiu regretted chasing after that Rao guy.

“You came to punish yourself by standing?”

His voice was slightly hoarse.

Qin Mo could sense the warmth from his breath.

If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t bother speaking as he just wanted to shut his eyes…