Chapter 757 - Human Bolster

Chapter 757: Human Bolster

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Bo Jiu glanced at the Almighty It was obvious that he wasn’t feeling well.

She wasn’t bothered by his teasing because after all, he had always been a tease.

The Almighty laid down watching her, not bothering to cover himself with a blanket. She, however, disagreed with this behavior.

Bo Jiu walked over, tugging onto the blanket to wrap him into a tight bundle.

Although Qin Mo was used to her unexpected behavior, he could never predict her next actions.

For instance, her sudden intimacy. Her nose bridge was close, as well as that alluring mole beneath her eyes, which seemed like an extension of her lashes.

“Brother Mo, I’m not here for a punishment, I’m here to watch over you.” The youngster directed a bright smile at him. “I climbed the wall because I didn’t want to disturb your sleep. I would have entered through the door if I had known you were awake.”

This was the first time he had been bundled up to such an extent, but he didn’t give a remark as he lifted his brow.

Bo Jiu noticed the heat in his breath. Thus she tested the temperature of his wrist after covering it with the blanket.

She didn’t touch him directly because her pet had always been a clean freak and her hands were dirty from climbing the wall. Moreover, her hands were still cold and a sick person shouldn’t come into contact with coldness.

Bo Jiu has always been thorough when caring for someone she held deep in her heart.

Even when she checked his temperature, it was with the back of her hand, worried that her palms were still damp.

Meanwhile, Qin Mo glanced at the youngster, a rare child-like innocence and loftiness appearing on his sickly face.

Bo Jiu didn’t think much of it, blaming it on herself. “Is it because my hands are too cold?”

She was prepared to retract her hands to warm them up before checking his temperature again ━ but before she could move, her fingers were held by someone.

Qin Mo shut his eyes, replying faintly, “It isn’t cold.”

As the youngster was perfect in his eyes, even if he didn’t like rain drops, his dislike would morph into like because of her intimacy.

“It feels comfortable.”

The coldness was just right for someone running a fever.

After gaining approval, she didn’t move, swapping to the other hand diligently. “How about now?”


Some laughter couldn’t be suppressed even though he was physically exhausted.

Now, she would believe everything he said, which wasn’t a bad feeling.

Bo Jiu lowered her lids. When she caught sight of his smile, her lips lifted as well; she could finally heave a sigh of relief.

Back then, she hadn’t taken care of him.

So this time, she couldn’t let him fall sick.

She thought for a moment before swapping to her right hand.

His forehead was still warm.

And… the Almighty seemed to have fallen asleep.

Qin Mo was indeed asleep. even though his joints were aching; a common symptom coming with the fever.

Another was exhaustion.

Therefore, he needed to rest.

But the doctor understood that it wasn’t easy for him to fully let his guard down for a good rest.

It wasn’t just because of his background, but also his past experiences.

Even with his eyes shut, his brain remained active, which was partially due to psychological factors.

All these led to an endless stream of nightmares.

Hence, when Movie Queen An heard that her son could fall asleep while hugging a human bolster, she was extremely grateful to that human bolster called Bo Jiu.