Chapter 758 - Sleeping Together

Chapter 758: Sleeping Together

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Bo Jiu was considered a qualified bolster because her unique scent helped Qin Mo relax.

But she was worried the coldness on her body would affect the Almighty, especially since his fever didn’t seem to be going away.

Bo Jiu narrowed her eyes and lifted her hands lightly.

Then she headed towards the bathroom, moving slowly, in order not to produce any noise.

After turning on the hot water in the bathroom, she placed a towel inside.

She removed her battle gear before grabbing one of Qin Mo’s jackets to wear.

Sleeping wasn’t her plan.

After she was done, she pulled the towel out and wrung it dry before placing the steaming towel on his forehead.

Bo Jiu moved silently, not producing any noise.

Meanwhile, Princess stood at the side, patrolling the area as a warning.

He seemed to be saying, “Don’t try to do anything bad when master doesn’t have the ability to defend himself.”

Bo Jiu focused all her attention on the Almighty and didn’t bother to look at Princess.

As she tucked a corner of the blanket, her gaze was falling on his left hand with the plaster. Reaching out, she caressed his hand.

Once she waited enough, she removed the towel and headed back to the bathroom to soak it in hot water.

But this time, she soaked two pieces of towels. The second towel was for placing it on the joints of his left hand.

For an esports player, their hands were of utmost importance.

Besides, warming the joints was an effective way to reduce the body’s temperature.

As she went on repeatedly, the clock on the wall was running continuously and the rain outside persisted.

Qin Mo was still having dreams. However, this time, they were much gentler as he was no longer submerged in water.

And there was even something soft in his arms. Every time she tackled him, she would call out repeatedly, “Momo, Momo.”

That… Who exactly was she?

The more he tried to find out, the more awake he became.

His eyes burst open, catching sight of the person beside him. Since the youngster was afraid that he would feel cold, her right hand was holding onto his left wrist; her usually infuriating demeanour turning obedient.

Qin Mo reached out, his fingers caressing the youngster’s face; its touch as smooth and silky as milk.

Qin Mo inched over, wanting to do something, but soon, he paused.

Even if he was tired, his mind was clear. He was sick at the moment ━ he couldn’t pass it to him.

But he also couldn’t let the youngster sleep like that.

Using the last of his thoughts, he tugged on the blanket, covering the both of them.

Qin Mo caressed her hair with his chin, shutting his eyes. Even though he was still emotionless, this time, the entire air surrounding him had shifted.

Cuddling on a bed would definitely feel warm, but that depended on the time and the location.

The next morning at daybreak, Madam Zhang woke up early to cook some porridge for Qin Mo to eat with his medicine.

It would probably be tough to wake her young master up. But what could she do if he was still running a fever?

Unexpectedly, the moment she pushed open the door, she realized there was someone else on the bed!

The youngster heard the door opening. She caressed her eyes before breaking into a smile, her two likeable front teeth appearing. “Shh, Madam Zhang, Brother Mo isn’t awake yet.”

Madam Zhang: … That wasn’t the main point ━ how exactly did you come in Young Master Jiu?!