Chapter 759 - Shy? But You’ve Touched Me Before

Chapter 759: Shy? But You’ve Touched Me Before

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Such confusion was rarely seen on Madam Zhang’s face.

She hadn’t heard anything even though she was sleeping on the first floor near the door.

Moreover, she had been worrying about her young master the entire night.

How exactly did Young Master Jiu end up on Young Master’s bed?

Bo Jiu could tell her thoughts from her expression, but she wouldn’t admit her skills in wall-climbing.

Smiling, she got up carefully, calmly receiving the bowl of porridge. “Smells good, I’ll get him to eat it when he wakes up.”

Madam Zhang was well aware that her young master wasn’t a morning person.

Thus, it would definitely be better with Young Master Jiu around.

However, Madam Zhang was still worried. “Young Master Jiu, could you help me take his temperature later? He might still be running a fever, but Young Master won’t let us take care of him…”

Madam Zhang had a long list of instructions and thus Bo Jiu listened attentively to all her requests.

“The fever should be gone, I changed out the towel several times. Later, when he wakes up, I’ll take his temperature again. I’ll make sure he drinks more water and takes a few mouthfuls of the porridge.”

Madam Zhang heaved a sigh of relief. “Thank you, Young Master Jiu.”

Madam Zhang knew how stubborn her young master could be even though he seemed like a polite and well mannered gentleman on normal days.

Everything amplified when he had just woken up, but fortunately, Young Master Jiu was here because her young master was the liveliest in front of Young Master Jiu.

All this aside, when Madam Zhang left the room, she was still wondering how Bo Jiu had entered.

Madam Zhang was probably upright her entire life and wasn’t apt with climbing walls. Hence, her thoughts remained innocent as she started wondering if there was something wrong with the door.

In Madam Zhang’s heart, Young Master Jiu had always been a beautiful well-mannered child who loved to eat. It wasn’t possible for her to do such a thing.

Bo Jiu confidently accepted Madam Zhang’s trust because to a wall-jumping student, climbing walls wasn’t anything impressive.

After sending Madam Zhang off, Bo Jiu turned towards the only bed in the room.

The person on the bed wasn’t awake yet. His dark hair, ruffled and a mess, was falling downwards, exposing half of his well-defined face. His thick lashes were lowered, casting a dark shadow. In this moment, his outstanding features seemed especially innocent.

Bo Jiu loved this side of him, regardless of whether he had been younger or at this moment.

She had wanted to place the porridge down to admire him more, but the moment she moved, he spoke, “Why didn’t you tell Madam Zhang how you came in, wall-jumping student?”

Perhaps it was because he had just woken up, but his voice was much deeper than usual.

Bo Jiu: …

He had been awake for a while, but now that he had opened his eyes, he glanced at her. Sitting up, the blanket was sliding downwards and exposing his defined chest and abs, which itched one’s hands to touch them.

Bo Jiu wanted to avoid it because even in her eyes, she couldn’t take advantage of him so often.

Moreover, she wanted to be a gentleman at this moment.

The Almighty lifted a brow, asking leisurely, “Why are you embarrassed now when you touched it yesterday?”