Chapter 76 - Young Master Qin’s Limits

Chapter 76: Young Master Qin’s Limits

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What would normally be nice words sounded satanically cold when they came from Almighty Qin, making the people’s hearts tremble.

It was as if the air around him froze. No waiter dared to look at him.

Young Master Qin had the power to overshadow the three northern provinces in the country… They secretly wished that their second young master would shut up and stop saying anything else. Otherwise, even their elder young master wouldn’t be able to save his ass…

Feng Shang did shut up, and his head drooped down towards the floor. Was Jiu Jiu not a good way to address him…? Why were Young Master Qin’s eyes looking even colder?

Fu Jiu felt like she knew what the problem was. After all, she would also feel unhappy if she went to support a friend and found that he wasn’t there at all.

In fact, Almighty Qin really took her seriously. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gone to the club to find her as soon as he finished his meetings.

Almighty Qin could’ve asked Secretary Liang to do all of that…

With this in mind, Fu Jiu put down the chopsticks and looked up at Qin Mo. She let out a long sigh. “You didn’t give me a reference letter, and that manager was acting like an ass, so I had to leave.”

When Qin Mo heard the youth’s soft voice, the frost in his eyes started to thaw.

Indeed, he had forgotten to give him a reference letter. He thought that with Feng Yi there, nothing would go wrong.

Thinking about this, Qin Mo looked again at the young man who had his head down while still holding the chopsticks in his hand. Qin Mo frowned. He felt an inexplicable sense of guilt rising within his heart towards Feng Jiu.

“Anyway, what’s done is done, so let’s sit down and enjoy the hot pot.” Fu Jiu grabbed Qin Mo’s arm with her hand. She thought that with a god here, the food would be splendid and and they would be served copious amounts of meat. Now she could order more meat without worries!

Qin Mo didn’t expect the young man to make such an intimate gesture. Before he could react, he was already being pushed down into a chair, and the young man’s shoulder was right next to his. The two of them suddenly got much closer, so close that he could see the tiny hair follicles on his face with a simple tilt of his head, and that intimacy made him uncomfortable. He knitted his eyebrows together and sat up straight, calming his voice down. “I’ve taken care of that manager for you already, so come back to the Qin Group with me after dinner.”

“Almighty, we’re brothers.” Fu Jiu was picking up some beef without even looking, and a light, evil smile was on her face. “I’m a man with a big ego. Do you think I can just go back like this after such a huge insult?”

Qin Mo’s hand paused after hearing the word “insult.” He did neglect that fact.

With another look, that young man had picked a chopstick-full of beef. Qin Mo’s eyebrows were furrowed together even more tightly. He was wondering when he began thinking considerately for others like this. Maybe it was because that young man’s facial expression was pleasing to his eyes?

Or because he said that they were brothers?

He hadn’t forgotten how he had wanted to crush this guy to death just now.

And he didn’t want him to do anything that tested his limits again.

But, in the end, concerning this issue, the problem had arisen from his side this time…

Feng Shang was sitting by the side fidgeting, and his eyes were busy observing Young Master Qin’s face. He saw him looking at Fu Jiu with cold and dim eyes.Did he hate his idol so much that he was thinking of a way to blacklist him?

No, he needed to save his idol!

The cutie took a deep breath and tried to open his mouth with all his courage.

The man sitting opposite of him curled his thin lips and said with a faint coldness, “Does anyone in your family know that their Second Young Master is participating in the internal signing?”