Chapter 760 - A Kiss Would Work

Chapter 760: A Kiss Would Work

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When had she touched him?

Couldn’t she test his temperature with the blanket as a barrier?

Her thoughts were clear through her gaze, but Qin Mo ignored her. “I’m hungry.”

The Almighty wanted the porridge.

Her puppy was the only person she had ever fed.

Even though he felt oppressive as an adult, he was still ravishing.

Bo Jiu held the spoon, blowing it a few times before pushing it to him.

Those that weren’t aware probably thought his hands were injured even though it was actually just a fever.

The youngster attended to him with a face of seriousness as though he was on an important mission.

Qin Mo lowered his lids as he ate the porridge, looking like a fragile and vulnerable beauty.

Bo Jiu thought that she must never let anyone see him like this as he was too alluring.

Qin Mo noticed her wavering gaze and spoke in a calm tone, “What mischievous thoughts are you thinking of?”

Bo Jiu broke into a smile. “What mischievous thoughts could I have?” Taking care of her puppy was her only duty.

Mmh, she should feed him another mouthful.

“You can have the rest.” Qin Mo stopped her mid-action. It wasn’t possible for him to be hungry since the fever had killed his appetite, but since the youngster was feeding him…

“Just two mouthful?” Bo Jiu looked down at the bowl. Remembering Madam Zhang’s instructions, she broke into a slight smile. “Have a few more bites.”

Qin Mo raised a brow before turning to the other side to grab a finance magazine ━ a clear indication he was done.

He was still as difficult to deal with as back then and could be so arrogant sometimes.

This explained her desire to tackle and beat him up back then.

However, now, she needed to coax him.

Bo Jiu offered, “Brother Mo, have a bit more and I’ll game with you.”

Qin Mo replied, “I gamed enough during the revival match.”

“What if I sing?”

“The wall-jumping student wishes to display his seduction skills? Heh.” Qin Mo placed the magazine down. Even though he was smiling, there wasn’t any warmth.

Was he still angry at her?

Bo Jiu was out of ideas because she had never expected him to wait after that scene.

Qin Mo swept her a glance. She had her head lowered since she really didn’t know how to go with the flow. He lifted his gaze slightly, the finance magazine still in his arms; his stance as though he was at an international meeting. “Why don’t you let me kiss you?”

His tone was breezy and leisurely.

Bo Jiu lifted her lids.

The Almighty was probably the only one in the world who could say such things in such a tone.

They glanced at each other.

However, in the end, Bo Jiu finished the bowl of porridge.

Qin Mo shut the magazine, glancing out the window. His lips were visibly lowered.

Previously, Bo Jiu could seduce the Almighty without constraint because she didn’t have any ulterior motives.

But now, she did and she was afraid she would bring him along when she left.

Actually, she thought about it often while thinking of ways to avoid the police or pass through the security checks; for that, she would just get a private jet and then everything would be fine after passing through the customs.

However, even if she managed to settle those, the Almighty was still a threat to her.

Before she could even reach America, the crime squad would probably be able to find her with the tracks she would leave behind.

Even though she shouldn’t be having such thoughts, but… Bo Jiu glanced back at the person who was soaking in the morning rays. If only he was hers…