Chapter 761 - Measuring Temperature Can Be Very Sweet

Chapter 761: Measuring Temperature Can Be Very Sweet

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Bo Jiu’s thoughts grewer heavier as her gaze was sweeping past the thermometer at the side.

After a moment, she brought it to the Almighty along with some flu medicine.

Although Qin Mo cooperated, Bo Jiu couldn’t tell how he was feeling at the moment.

After having finished eating the medicine, he remained motionless, seemingly prompting her to take his temperature.

It was time to test whether she was really a gentleman because she would have to remove his clothes…

She had to keep it in!

Bo Jiu waved the thermometer. When the mercury in the thermometer was at a suitable temperature, she knelt on the blanket. Her left hand prepared to remove his pyjamas ━ but she kept her actions in check as she only opened the first button.

Qin Mo placed the magazine down while looking at her. “Do you think it’ll be accurate like this?”

He pressed down, pulling the youngster’s palms onto his chest.

Bo Jiu flushed the moment she felt his warmth, but she remained professional and stuffed the thermometer in his armpit.

She released it quickly. However, the moment she realized she would have to experience the same ordeal just to remove the thermometer, Bo Jiu concluded that it was indeed an excruciating task.

Qin Mo didn’t press her too tightly because her presence itself was enough.

When he lowered his lids, he bumped straight into her side profile as she was removing the thermometer.

“37.6 degrees, you are still slightly feverish.” Bo Jiu frowned, pulling onto the blanket once more. “Rest for another day.”

Before Qin Mo could reply, Bo Jiu stood up, stuffing a hand into his pocket and giving Feng Yi a call. “We won’t be heading over today. Mmh, he’s still feverish. Me? Obviously, I won’t be going as well, I have to look after Brother Mo. I understand, you can email the information of the other teams to me, we’ll take a look later.”

Feng Yi had wanted Little Spade to head over for one day. How did it become suddenly two days?

However, since she had entered his house, it wasn’t possible for her to leave even if she wanted to.

A certain someone would come up with reasons for her to stay ━ although his methods were never direct.

Indeed, Qin Mo was thinking of a reason to force her to stay if she wanted to leave.

However, with this call, his lips turned upwards.

Especially that line that she would look after him was music to his ears!

Although Bo Jiu was extremely detailed when she took care of Qin Mo, she treated other matters haphazardly.

For instance, when Princess was hungry, he would purr at her, reminding her to fulfil her promise to feed him fish.

Bo Jiu thought for a moment and Princess was bursting with joy.

Then Bo Jiu casually brought him some water. “Drink up.”

Princess: … My fur is already shedding and you let me have this!

Qin Mo watched their interactions from his bed. He had wanted to call Feng Yi, but decided against it.

Since someone was willing to stay, he didn’t have to search for other methods.

However, his gaze deepened at the three missed calls on his screen.

He lifted his gaze to glance at her while his fingers crafting a message beneath the blanket.

Three simple words. “What is it?”

The special forces soldier on the other end had been waiting for news from the higher-ups.

Thus, after receiving the message from his young master, he pushed the chair higher, replying to the text.