Chapter 763 - Supreme Alliance’s Goal

Chapter 763: Supreme Alliance’s Goal

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From his angle, the youngster was fiddling with something with his lowered head.

After a moment, she asked, “Brother Mo, I need to use your computer to read the information Feng Yi sent.”

“Mmh.” Qin Mo shut the magazine.

Bo Jiu placed her phone aside without locking it, the screen bright with an image of them both on the bed.

Qin Mo watched as the screen darkened, warmth returning to his eyes.

Bo Jiu was a hacker respecting other people’s privacy, when she saw the lock on the laptop, she turned to glance at Qin Mo. Then she couldn’t resist the urge, unlocking his laptop before locking it again. “Brother Mo, what’s the password?”

“Mojiu, without space.” Qin Mo lifted his eyes. “Hadn’t you solved it? Can’t remember?”

Bo Jiu: … She hacked into the system purely out of interest and hadn’t paid attention to the password.

But mojiu… This password…

The youngster paused, lowering her head to fiddle with the keyboard.

Fortunately, it wasn’t complicated to receive the text from Feng Yi.

“This also has information from foreign teams?” Bo Jiu read the caption with a raised brow, moving the laptop to the bed with one hand before sitting over so that Qin Mo wouldn’t have to move.

Qin Mo glanced at the characters in the video. “The Japanese.”

It wasn’t a good time to be talking about this team because the scene from yesterday was still fresh in their minds.

Fortunately, Qin Mo didn’t continue with the topic. “Rewind to the previous movement.”

Bo Jiu was glad to move more and talk less.

Gradually, their attention was placed onto analyzing the strategies.

At the same time, the rest of Supreme Alliance was also watching the video.

Silence fell over the room while watching.

After having watched the video, Feng Yi pushed his spectacles and shut the device.

“They’re too good,” someone couldn’t help remarking.

Even Yun Hu didn’t object to this observation.

Feng Yi had always been a fox-like manager, both in the business sense and during a meeting. “I wanted the team to watch this to understand that even if the revival match was a breeze, the National League has never been as easy as the revival match. Supreme Alliance is the last team which qualified, none of the other team is an easy opponent much less to say the Japanese, who are on an international level. The state you guys are at right now isn’t enough.”

Be vigilant in peacetime ━ this was Feng Yi’s message to them.

Feng Shang and Xue Yaoyao glanced at each other, their hands tightening.

The stronger the competition, the harder they would fight.

After that, the atmosphere of Supreme Alliance shifted.

They started to train and analyze with more seriousness.

Feng Yi smiled as he walked out of the meeting room.

The club manager was still worried though. “Boss Feng, what do you think the results will be?”

Feng Yi paused. “I thought you knew of Supreme Alliance’s goal.”

Manager Zhang stilled before breaking into a bitter smile. “Boss Feng, you always seem to be confident, but didn’t you see how strong the opponents are?”

“What if they are?” Feng Yi glanced over. “Supreme Alliance has always been a team which grows with adversity.”

Growing with adversity.

When Feng Shang and Xue Yaoyao heard him, a flame burned within them.

That was right, Supreme Alliance had always grown with adversity.