Chapter 764 - Not Gay

Chapter 764: Not Gay

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“Staying late tonight?” Xue Yaoyao glanced towards Feng Shang.

As Feng Shang stuttered, he just nodded as answer.

No one knew how many times they had trained together after losing the preliminaries.

Fortunately, they were starting to see results now.

When they turned, Yin Wuyao stood at the door, a cigarette in dangling in his mouth. “In the Internet café till late?”

“I can train till nine.” Xue Yaoyao volunteered.

Feng Shang didn’t want to appear weak next to her. “I-I ca-can stay with uncle!”

“Cough.” Yin Wuyao choked. “You don’t have to stay.”

Feng Shang didn’t back down. “W-why?”

Yin Wuyao: … He wasn’t going to admit he was afraid of being mistaken as a gay !

“You are still young, go back when it’s time.” Yin Wuyao tapped his cigarette. “Just remember what you want to achieve.”

Time always flew when they were training.

Yin Wuyao had experience. Thus he was well aware that while they were studying the other teams, those teams were learning about them as well.

At this moment, it wasn’t just the esports circle, even ordinary players knew about the international competition after the National League.

The legendary Japanese players were currently thinking of a solution to calm the fuss the team members had caused the day before.

“What had I told you?” The manager pressed onto his temples as though he was having a headache. “Don’t go out, don’t go out!”

Watanabe sat there leisurely while still looking ravishing. “Well, nothing much happened.”

“That’s because Vice-captain was there!” The abandoned doll-faced person was still fuming, pointing to the band-aid on his face. “Look what you did to me!”

Watanabe coughed. “That… Shouldn’t you introduce the teams? The Chinese’s National League should be ending soon, shouldn’t it?”

The manager suppressed his anger while navigating with the mouse.

“Our usual rival is the Xiangnan team, you guys should be familiar with them. This time, there is an advancement in their…”

Before the manager could finish, Watanabe interrupted. “We have seen Xiangnan, let’s look at Supreme Alliance.”

“Supreme Alliance?”

Which team was that?

The Japanese were confused when they found the team name at the end.

“This team?” The person seated on the balcony jumped down abruptly, a smile on his face. He had a feminine appearance. Even his hair was long, but he clearly was a male and carried a demonic aura. It wasn’t common for any man other than Lin Feng to be so beautiful. “Is there anything worth paying attention to? Or… Hoshino, did you bring them to the revival match because of Supreme Alliance?”

“Stop disturbing me.” Hoshino pushed him aside.

“Aiyayaya, is this how you treat your captain?”

That was right, this demonic man wasn’t anyone else but the captain of the Japanese: You Sixin.

Hoshino glanced over before changing his position and continuing to sleep.

You Sixin didn’t persist, resting his face on his hand. “I guess it’s true, let’s take a look at Supreme Alliance and see what prompted our vice-captain to go down personally, even bringing two little kids along.”

Watanabe shrunk his neck. Even though their captain was beautiful, he wasn’t kind.

The manager switched to another video.

However, since Supreme Alliance had been on a long hiatus, there wasn’t much information.

The only material they could study was the recent revival match.