Chapter 765 - Help Me Undress

Chapter 765: Help Me Undress

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“They are good, but they aren’t as cool as Xiangnan.” The doll-faced person pointed to the screen. “For instance, this person’s moves seem impressive, but Watanabe mentioned that he could resolve it.”

He was pointing at Qin Mo.

“An undeveloped team.” You Sixin raised his lids. “He looks good. Do they source players like us, based on appearance?”

The question was directed at Hoshino, but Hoshino ignored him.

Meanwhile, the doll-faced person was distraught hearing this. “Acco-according to appearance? Not abilities? How can that be?”

“Don’t worry, you definitely weren’t chosen for your appearance.” Watanabe tapped his shoulders. “Since you aren’t that good looking.”

The doll-faced person: … F*ck, he really wanted to bash this guy!

“But…” You Sixin stood up, dressed in his attire. Looking downwards, he really seemed like a ruler. “We can worry about them after they manage to defeat Xiangnan.”

He indicated that Supreme Alliance wouldn’t be able to defeat Xiangnan.

“Captain, do you also think they are weak?”

You Sixin smiled again. “How could I? The most handsome one there is impressive, aiyayaya, if only we can pull him over.”

The doll-faced person: …

Although he wasn’t experienced enough to understand his words, Hoshino understood.

Some of Supreme Alliance’s members were too weak.

It wasn’t obvious during the revival match, but it would be fatal during the National League.

Meanwhile, the skies started to dim at Qin Mo’s residence.

Qin Mo glanced over at the head that was leaning against his shoulder.

As an esports player and especially a vice-captain, he was probably the only one who could fall asleep in the middle of a professional competition.

Qin Mo placed the laptop down before pressing onto his head.

The youngster’s silvery hair was soft and the feeling of it brushing through his fingers addictive.

Bo Jiu woke up immediately from that, caressing her eyes. “Do you need water? How about some food? Or do you need to go to the toilet?”

“Toilet. Could you remove my pants?” Qin Mo asked leisurely.

Her drowsiness disappeared instantly. How could the Almighty be such a tease? When they had been younger and she had asked the same question, he had hugged onto her, shaking his adorable little head while saying he wouldn’t go anywhere.

Her puppy had changed.

He was now crafty, a tease and…

However, Qin Mo still didn’t go anywhere. Instead, he was enjoying the feel of her hair.

The Almighty must have mistaken the hierarchy. She should be the one caressing his head. Who exactly was the pet now?

However, since he was sick and she was the cause of his illness, she didn’t say anything.

Qin Mo didn’t comment as he felt rather comfortable.

Then he smiled faintly. “Bring over a book.”

“Book?” It seemed to be a good hobby.

Qin Mo swept her a glance. “Poetry. Since I’m not a certain someone, I don’t understand ‘Overbearing President Falls in Love With Me’, ‘Pregnant Little Wife’ or ‘Sugar Daddy’.”

“…” Could that pass already? She didn’t read those either…

Bo Jiu bolted upright, her movements suave.

Once he had managed to divert her away, Qin Mo glanced at the message which had arrived.

He then typed expressionlessly, “Take action.”