Chapter 766 - Same as Before

Chapter 766: Same as Before

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It was impossible for Bo Jiu not to notice that he was using his phone because she was extremely sensitive to the sound electronics produced.

However, since her puppy was sick, she should leave him some pride and thus it was better to feign ignorance.

Besides, the only reason he needed to divert her away was probably matters regarding the crime squad.

Bo Jiu had her own channels for investigation so she didn’t need to scheme to get his.

Once the messaging noise disappeared, Bo Jiu grabbed a book randomly.

The only two genres in Almighty’s shelves were criminal psychology and finance ━ it wasn’t easy to find anything else.

Qin Mo placed his phone down before glancing at the book in her hand. “You like that?”

“it’s alright.” Bo Jiu didn’t know the contents; she just didn’t want a certain someone to keep texting because her hands would start to itch.

Qin Mo broke into a smile. “Pass it over.”

Bo Jiu obliged obediently.

After scooting over, she passed the book over, while wondering if she should get one for herself or perhaps play Hero on her mobile phone.

However, before she could get to it, she heard the sound of book flipping along with a loud voice.

Qin Mo’s naturally deep voice was thicker and more alluring, carrying his own uniqueness. “I still like you, in spite of the uncertainties, unwavering…”

After he spoke, Bo Jiu lifted her gaze instinctively.

Although the Almighty was only reciting a line in the book, his voice was music to her ears.

Bo Jiu didn’t interrupt as her gaze was turning towards the book.

Qin Mo continued to read aloud. “I still like you, like the old city gates that await an old friend, standing upright…”

Her fingers itched as she glanced at the half dressed person reciting the poetry.

Bo Jiu lost count of the number of times she had to convince herself that kidnapping him would only bring trouble.

However, she still wanted to.

She lowered her head, thinking about her scheme.

Unbeknownst to her, warmth gushed out of Qin Mo’s eyes as a certain someone’s obedience was indeed likeable.

This guy was the same as before, cuddling by his side and listening to his stories.


Why did he say ‘as before’?

Qin Mo frowned, a splitting headache following.

That bone-splitting pain was unbearable.

The book fell to the ground and Bo Jiu pressed on his head immediately, a rare cloud of panic in her eyes.

“Madam Zhang, Madam Zhang!”

Qin Mo held onto her wrist, a thin layer of sweat on his forehead. “I’m fine.”

Bo Jiu was still worried. For someone who had never seen herself as dumb, she was frustrated for not attending to him well enough. “Is your fever back?”

She tested his temperature with the back of her hand. The fever was indeed back again.

Qin Mo held onto her hand. The pain had subsided, but it confirmed the need for a checkup because such pain had nothing to do with the cold.

Just like before, the pain appeared suddenly ━ but perhaps, it wasn’t this suddenly.

Qin Mo glanced at the youngster, emotions churning within his gaze…