Chapter 767 - Almighty Qin Teases

Chapter 767: Almighty Qin Teases

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Bo Jiu watched as he stared at her, blaming it on the pain. Hence, she lessened the strength of her head massage.

Some people knew about the darkness since birth.

But even then, in front of a certain someone, they would shelf all those thoughts.

For Bo Jiu, Qin Mo was that special person.

The importance of their childhood couldn’t be explained clearly.

Madam Zhang heard the commotion, running up the stairs. “Young Master Jiu, what is it?”

“Brother Mo has a headache. Could you make a call? The Qin family should have a private doctor.” Bo Jiu didn’t even give Qin Mo the chance to speak.

Madam Zhang didn’t either as she followed Young Master Jiu’s instructions and headed down to make the call.

Qin Mo was amused. Was this guy treating him as a fragile doll?

It was because of the youngster’s stance that he could hug onto her waist easily ━ and that was exactly what he did.

Bo Jiu was so focused on the head massage that she was completely oblivious to his actions.

Moreover, in her heart, she had always been the one taking advantage of the Almighty and she couldn’t seem to shake off the mindset she had developed since young.

The doctor arrived shortly after since Qin Mo was already running a high fever. However, he couldn’t seem to figure out something.

Young Master Qin didn’t complain about the discomfort while he was almost unconscious from the fever. Even during his worst times, he would only allow him to inject while he took a rest.

But this time, Young Master Qin had actually complained about his discomfort .

Wasn’t his fever almost gone?!

While the doctor did his checks, he started to question his previous diagnosis.

Just as he was about to say something, he was met with Young Master Qin’s warning gaze.

He glanced over at the handsome youngster staring at him.

Then he turned to Young Master Qin, who insisted he wasn’t feeling well even though he had clearly recovered.

The doctor seemed to have caught on, coughing lightly.

Bo Jiu watched as he kept the stethoscope, smiling lightly. “Sir, how is Brother Mo?”

“The fever has subsided, but Young Master Qin is still weak at the moment.” Even though he didn’t seem affected, he felt a pang of guilt. “I’m worried it might worsen, there should be someone caring for him tonight. It would be best to take his temperature every hour and give him a head massage when necessary…”

Bo Jiu listened attentively, remembering everything important. “Alright.”

The doctor glanced back at the person on the bed. After receiving another signal, he added, “It would be best for someone to care for him overnight, such a cold often worsens as it gets later.”

“Is that so? Does Brother Mo need another drip?” Bo Jiu raised a brow.

The doctor replied hurriedly, “There isn’t a need.” Young Master Qin has fully recovered, what sort of fluid does he need…

“What medication does he need?”

The doctor wanted to tell her it wasn’t necessary, but the person behind the youngster nodded.

Thus the doctor altered his words. “The medication is downstairs, I’ll get Madam Zhang to bring it up later.”

“Alright.” After getting a satisfactory answer, she no longer cared about him. Instead, she turned to tighten the blanket around Qin Mo.

The doctor had never seen anyone take care of Young Master Qin like the youngster.

He really wanted to wipe his sweat, but he didn’t have the guts.

Young Master Qin’s gaze was obviously saying, ‘Hurry and leave’.

The doctor left immediately, moving quickly since he started to find his young master despicable.

Taking his temperature every hour was clearly to take advantage of the pretty youngster…