Chapter 768 - When We Were Younger

Chapter 768: When We Were Younger

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Bo Jiu cared for him with a patience totally out of character for her

Although she wasn’t well versed with caring for others, this time, she had even helped to adjust his pillows and take his temperature.

Everytime she took his temperature, she had to suppress the urge to tie him up and take advantage of him.

It wasn’t good.

But after giving it some thought, it wasn’t common for the Almighty to be so fragile.

He was dressed in white pyjamas, his hair black and a poetry book in his hand, looking very much like a sick beauty.

She should take advantage while she could.

Qin Mo lifted his lids, catching sight of a certain someone’s satisfied look and lifted smile.

He couldn’t seem to hold his laughter.

What was with this guy?

“Why are you laughing?” Bo Jiu tilted her head.

Qin Mo only raised a brow at that gesture. “Did I?”

“Of course. Were you too mesmerized by my handsomeness?” Bo Jiu gave him another book.

Sometimes, listening to him reading was a form of enjoyment.

Since he was a criminal psychologist, he knew the best way to stir someone’s heart.

With his skills, he could definitely become a famous broadcaster.

However, with that thought, Bo Jiu realized a problem.

This person in front of her… Did he know how to hypnotize people?

Qin Mo flipped the book in his hand, his voice nonchalant. “Tell me about your childhood.”

My childhood?

Bo Jiu glanced over, pushing her fringe back suavely. “I loved to fight.”

She didn’t know his intentions, but it was probably to sound her out.

The Almighty had always been investigating her, but he had started with the Fu family, which wouldn’t yield much results.

Bo Jiu was sure of that.

However, elsewhere…

Bo Jiu was still smiling, which had become a habit of hers. “What about when Brother Mo was young?”

She was curious about how her pet viewed her.

However, even though she hadn’t expected this conversation, it seemed to be going in a good direction.

“I studied,” Qin Mo replied. “Sometimes I entered the military.”

Bo Jiu had only one thought. The perfect example of a military family’s young master.


“Anything else?”

As the Almighty hadn’t mentioned anything about her and sounding someone out had to be done in totality, she had asked.

Qin Mo shut the book. “There isn’t anything else.”

There wasn’t anything else?

Bo Jiu stilled.

How could there nothing else?

Qin Mo watched as she continued to stare at him, raising a brow. “What is it?”


Should she be disappointed?

Bo Jiu didn’t think it was appropriate, but she couldn’t explain her thought process ━ this simply wasn’t right.

But why wasn’t there anything else?

Bo Jiu lowered her lids, breaking into another smile. “Shouldn’t someone like Brother Mo have traveled a lot as a child? You are of mixed blood after all.”

“No,” Qin Mo replied subconsciously before adding, “Or perhaps I did, but I don’t remember.”

What did you mean by don’t remember?

Bo Jiu looked at him.

Qin Mo looked downwards. “Grandfather mentioned that he had brought me to America, but I don’t have any memory of that part of my childhood. There is a portion of my memory that isn’t intact.”

Bo Jiu never expected such a response ━ and she would never have expected anyone with memory lost to be so calm.

Only the Almighty could achieve this.