Chapter 769 - Almighty Qin Mocking Himself

Chapter 769: Almighty Qin Mocking Himself

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“The doctor you saw just now is helping with my mental condition sometimes.” Qin Mo smiled, a menacing hint was in his voice though. “Whose psychological skills do you think is better?”

From this line, she realized that the Almighty had never been cured, at least based on her experience.

Even though he hadn’t used his psychological skills in front of her when he had still been active, Bo Jiu hadn’t forgotten who managed to cause her so much trouble.

It wouldn’t be possible for an ordinary psychiatrist to treat him.

Which meant that his memory loss was voluntarily?

“Fortunately, it’s just my childhood memory.” And the reason behind his hand injury

Bo Jiu wanted to say, “But I was in your childhood.” But she couldn’t say it.

She thought for a moment and in the end, she lifted her head to down the cup of water.

A faint smile was spreading across her face.

On the day she had left, her father had warned her that it would be best for her to forget her pet as it was also a form of protection.


Bo Jiu narrowed her eyes.

The memory loss couldn’t have a simple reason, especially since it was voluntarily.

She wanted to know what exactly it was that he didn’t want to remember.

There was something good about this situation though.

If he didn’t remember, she could talk freely without fearing he would know about her identity.

Bo Jiu broke into a smile. “It was interesting back then. I met a really pretty little boy, but he was really arrogant and would look at everyone with distaste. But he wasn’t able to defeat me and ended up as my pet. He must have been afraid of the dark. Every time I visited him at night, he would leave me a tiny spot instead of chasing me away as usual. The main point is how comfortable it was to hug him. But he would never allow me to hug him, wasn’t he shy?”

Qin Mo spoke with a chilliness, “Who is this little boy? Your idol Hoshino?”

Bo Jiu never expected the Almighty to misunderstand. She was feeling as though she had dug her own grave. “No.”

“That would be the best, someone that could cheat you into his bed at such a young age probably schemes a lot. Remember to steer away from anyone like that, understood?”

The moment he finished speaking, the youngster laughed.

She seemed unusually cheery as she nodded in agreement.

Since the youngster was so obedient, Qin Mo thought a moment ━ before deciding to ruin his little love rival’s reputation entirely. “Since he was so arrogant, why would you even be his friend?”

“Brother Mo, you don’t think he’s good? I found him rather adorable.” It was hilarious watching the Almighty mocking himself. She tapped his cheek, her smile turning her eyes into crescents.

Qin Mo glanced at the youngster. “Adorable? Heh, it’s just the looks.”

Almighty, I hope you still remember these words when your memory comes back.

Bo Jiu could no longer hold it in, bursting into laughter after turning her head.

After laughing, she still remembered what was important. Who exactly had made her pet like this?

She had to make sure this debt was paid.