Chapter 770 - Good Night

Chapter 770: Good Night

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Time trickled by and everyone knew that the National League was about to begin.

The competitors had to maintain a pass for all their exams; any lag could be caught up after the competitions.

Hence, Bo Jiu didn’t go anywhere, staying in the Qin family’s house.

No one knew or rather, no one would have deliberately sought out Young Master Fu’s birthplace.

Even He Honghua seemed to have forgotten about that incident as it was just a tiny country hospital, after all.

Many things had changed in the past seventeen years, for example the layout.

But as even the country hospital’s address had changed, no one would be able to locate it.

He Honghua wasn’t aware of the problem that such county hospitals would often follow the national rules.

According to the nation’s rules, the documents must be moved along with the new location.

Additionally, the searching would take time and manpower because it wouldn’t be easy to find He Honghua’s name from four months worth of data.

The intelligent Wu Zhen predicted the large manpower which was required and thus employed temporary workers with a high price.

Even though the hospital director found it inappropriate, he didn’t object as they belonged to the police and they weren’t looking at particularly sensitive materials. They just looked for birth details.

Around ten people were led in.

They were delighted because such a job wasn’t common in a county hospital and the daily rates for searching through the documents was 500 dollars, which wasn’t a small sum.

It was almost afternoon when the pretty lady spoke again, stating that their pay would be paid in accordance to the number of documents they checked.

The entire room was filled with the rustling of paper flips.

“This is a great method.” Su Mei had always been aware of her position. Since Wu Zhen wasn’t someone she could offend, she went along with all her wishes.

Wu Zhen glanced at her, flipping the document in her hands. “Let’s wait for the result.”

To her, money had to be used to resolve some matters and could indeed raise the productivity.

This had been her merit.

She knew about physique and understood that he secret that Su Mei was referring to would thoroughly destroy that gay.

Otherwise, she would never dare to offend the Qin family.

Once she had unearthed the secret, she would be able to lessen her hatred.

Su Mei eyes lit up because she just needed evidence to verify her conjectures.

If it was really true, that little country bumpkin was going to lose his reputation and the National League would start to question his qualifications.

Sine there laid an earth-shattering lie beneath the ‘male’ identity…

The more she thought of it, the faster she moved, believing that the truth was near.

Tomorrow, she would employ more people and soon, they would be able to succeed.

Wu Zhen had the same intentions. No one could stop what she wanted to do, especially since those employed workers were trying to earn more money.

At this moment, a loud commotion came from outside.

The hospital director ran over, his head drenched with sweat. “Stop! Everyone, stop!”

“Stop?” Wu Zhen stood up, asking irritably, “Are you trying to disrupt my investigation?”