Chapter 771 - Kill-Stealing

Chapter 771: Kill-Stealing

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The hospital director didn’t have time to speak and the employees were still in a daze when a group wearing a camouflage-colored uniform came gushing in.

Even though they weren’t holding guns, no one dared to move.

The hospital director went over hurriedly while the officer leading them glanced at him. “Are you the person in charge?”

“Yes.” The hospital director was caught off-guard as this was the first time he was experiencing such a thing.

The officer made a hand sign, signalling the troops forward to guard the documents.

“The higher-ups have left an order to check the newborns in the area. We will be taking over.”

At this moment, Wu Zhen’s eyes dimmed because they were about to succeed.What were the armed forces doing here?

Su Mei was confused. What was with this situation?

“Miss Wu, what should we do now?”

They were clearly an obstruction to her progress.

What about the secret?

Wu Zhen stood by the door, her face darkening as she watched her temporary employees leave.

Her police identity was useless in front of the armed troops, unless there was intervention from the higher-ups.

They weren’t like the hospital director or some of her colleagues, but rigid and inflexible when executing their mission.

This wasn’t going to be easy, this mission wouldn’t end unless they received orders.

It seemed like she had to use her connections after all.

Wu Zhen glanced at the darkening sky. “I’ll make a call.”

The majority of the Wu family connections laid in the city as almost all the police directors were connected to her family.

But for these county-level armed forces… The Jiang family should be able to deal with them.

The influential families were all connected.

Both the Wu family and the An family were considered influential families and had a rather close relationship with the Jiang family.

Wu Zhen thought for a moment. It wasn’t likely for any important missions to be held in such a small area. Moreover, it was about the people’s welfare, there was bound to be concessions.

If Jiang Zuo lent a hand, getting such information wouldn’t be a problem as he carried a rank in the army after all.

It was his last day in the house of the Jiang family when he received Wu Zhen’s call.

Even though Mother Xue allowed Xue Yaoyao to stay outside, she would still call her back during such events.

Regardless of how it was outside, it was still necessary for a family to maintain the basic harmony.

This was a principle Father Jiang abided by.

Father Jiang seemed to be in a good mood as he had never expected his usually uncooperative son to be sitting there in silence while eating his food.

Even though he wasn’t wearing a cheery expression, it was much better compared to when Mother Xue had first entered the household.

Due to this abrupt family gathering, Xue Yaoyao’s training couldn’t persist until the end.

Even Mother Xue could tell how hard she was working when she saw her thin face.

Mother Xue didn’t dare to place any food into her bowl, fearing it might infuriate Jiang Zuo because he didn’t seem to like seeing their closeness.

Old Jiang had once reminded her to be mindful of her words and actions in front of Jiang Zuo.

However, Brother Xue glanced over, frowning when he saw Xue Yaoyao. “Sis, did you lose weight?”

The moment he said that, Jiang Zuo who had been silent the entire time placed his chopsticks down, wiping the sides of his lips with a tissue as he turned to glance at Xue Yaoyao.

Since the atmosphere chilled immediately, Brother Xue regretted his words instantly.

Xue Yaoyao seemed to have grown more daring than before because after finishing her food, she lifted her head. “Training has been tougher recently, everyone lost weight. That’s rather normal.”