Chapter 772 - Yaoyao Wants to Help Jiu

Chapter 772: Yaoyao Wants to Help Jiu

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As Jiang Zuo placed the tissue down while he watched her, Brother Xue heaved a sigh of relief.

Even though he had always worshipped Jiang Zuo, he still couldn’t get rid of the oppression he felt.

Xue Yaoyao had indeed lost weight though, her clothes were hanging over her smaller frame even though Feng Yi had gotten her a smaller sized uniform.

Every Fatty that had slimmed down was indeed a successful contrarian.

Xue Yaoyao had always been fair-looking. Probably due to fatigue, she was still dressed in her battle uniform, looking suave and cool.

In order to play with ease, she had even made a change to her hairstyle.

In the past, she would have it spread out with a thick set of bangs, but now, she had it tied into a high ponytail, her dark hair complementing her bright eyes and beauty emitting from her.

Even Father Jiang complimented her. “Yaoyao has changed for the better.”

Mother Xue was glad.

She hadn’t been born into a privileged environment, but she could tell the change in her daughter ever since she had entered Supreme Alliance.

Even though she wasn’t well acquainted with the Highness Jiu her daughter often spoke about, she was grateful to him.

Jian Zuo was still watching Xue Yaoyao, his eyes dimming.

Just as he was about to say something, Wu Zhen’s call came in and he frowned, standing up to pick up the call.

The Jiang father and son didn’t have the best relationship and thus, Father Jiang sighed lightly as he watched Jiang Zuo.

Xue Yaoyao was about to finish her meal.

Since she no longer lived in the Jiang family’s house and the main lead had left, it wouldn’t be rude of her to leave.

In the past, Xue Yaoyao would feel disappointed whenever Jiang Zuo answered a girl’s phone call, but now all her attention was placed on her training.

It would get better.

She glanced at the time on her phone. If she headed to the Internet café now, she would probably still be able to catch one more match with the others.

Feng Shang was already staying at the Internet café so she couldn’t be left behind.

She hadn’t expected Jiang Zuo to be talking near the outer courtyard as it was in the direction of the door.

Xue Yaoyao wasn’t someone who eavesdropped on someone else’s conversation, but he was smoking with the phone on speaker.

She could hear the conversation clearly. “Brother Mo is being deceived, he isn’t aware of Young Master Fu’s background. I’m trying to investigate now, don’t you want to know what secret he is harboring? According to his step-mom, he has been deceiving Brother Mo all this time. Even if you don’t wish to find out, you can take it as a little sister seeking a favor. There are armed forces here, you just have to make a call for them to show me the information, I don’t have to take it away. How is it?

Young Master Fu?

Brother Mo?



Xue Yaoyao froze.

The secret, was it perhaps…

Xue Yaoyao couldn’t explain the courage surging within her as she headed towards Jiang Zuo.

She walked over to snatch his phone, hanging up the call.

Only then did she realize what she had done.

She lifted her lids, looking straight into Jiang Zuo’s perfectly curved jaw.

A cigarette dangled in his mouth, the eyes that were looking at her clouded with hostility as though asking if she was crazy.

Xue Yaoyao caressed the phone, her back straight, “Don’t help her, i’ll delete the photos i took when you were asleep and promise never to blackmail you with them. I won’t disturb you ever again, how is that?”