Chapter 773 - Sleep With Me Until I'm Satisfied

Chapter 773: Sleep With Me Until I’m Satisfied

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Jiang Zuo had known Xue Yaoyao for a long time and thus knew what she was referring to. “Are you finally admitting that the photo is to blackmail me?”

“Yes, I admit it.” Xue Yaoyao clenched her hands. “I’m despicable, but His Highness Jiu isn’t, he isn’t like what Miss Wu made him out to be.”

Jiang Zuo laughed, cold and chilling. “You give up blackmailing me for someone like him, that doesn’t sound very pleasing. Xue Yaoyao, what would you do if I don’t agree? Would you tell your mom or my dad that I seduced you?”

“Those photos…” Xue Yaoyao paled, looking as though all life had left her.

Jiang Zuo approached her, lowering his voice. “I don’t care, it’s just a half naked photo, you can reproduce it however you like.”

Xue Yaoyao froze. She really was useless because she could never protect the people she wanted.

However, Her Highness Jiu had told her that even an ordinary girl had the right to dream.

What would be the consequences once her secret was exposed?

It wouldn’t just be being splashed by coke.

She recalled the first time the youngster had failed.

Her silvery hair had blocked her eyes.

She had glanced towards the screen in a daze while her fingers had been bleeding.

No one had cared as they had only paid attention to the outcome.

There had even been people who had only come out to mock her even though she had been covered with scars.

Jiang Zuo watched her expression, not a hint of warmth in his eyes. “Is that guy really so important? Then let’s see how important he is. I won’t help Wu Zhen, but you have to accompany me until I’m satisfied.”

Xue Yaoyao stilled, turning towards him in disbelief.

She wasn’t a kid anymore, she fully understood his intentions.

Jiang Zuo still held a cigarette in his hand. “Why? Can’t do it? You don’t have to force yourself.”

Xue Yaoyao watched as he snatched the phone from her palms. The words were escaping her mouth before she could think about them. “I can do it.”

His fingers paused and Xue Yaoyao lifted her lids. “As long as you don’t help Wu Zhen to target His Highness Jiu and won’t tell Almighty Qin about what happened, I can do it.”

“Heh.” Jiang Zuo took a violent puff, trying to suppress the unfamiliar ache in his heart. “I guess you are willing to sell yourself for your beloved youngster.”

Xue Yaoyao knew that he hated her and had never been kind with his words, but this time, she didn’t hide away.

“You were the one who made the request, don’t you hate me? I never expected such a request since you have been calling me dirty all this time.”

Jiang Zuo’s laughter turned chillier than before. “Xue Yaoyao, have you really thought I wouldn’t take revenge for what you did? Making you accompany me is just my revenge on you.”

“I understand.” How could she not know? It was the only explanation for his request.

Since it was a transaction, there had to be an end.

“When will your revenge end?”

Jiang Zuo extinguished his cigarette. “Depends on my mood.”

“One year.” Xue Yaoyao’s eyes lit up. “Everyone has to pay for their ignorance. Even though you may not believe it, the drugs weren’t my doings. But I was indeed the one who slept with you. I’m not pretty and I don’t have a good figure, so I understand that it wasn’t a good experience for you.”