Chapter 774 - Marked Prey

Chapter 774: Marked Prey

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“I’ll use a year to repay my sins. After one year, I hope you can find your own happiness and forget about the despicable sins I committed. At that time, I won’t ever appear in front of you again, is that enough?”

Jiang Zuo’s hands tightened, tugging Xue Yaoyao to a corner of the courtyard and pressing her onto the wall before breaking into a flamboyant laughter. “That’s an overestimation of your ability, my interest for revenge won’t last that long.”

“I’m aware, but it would be better to make things clear in advance.” Xue Yaoyao took her phone out, tapping into the gallery. She flipped towards the photo of a sleeping man and pressed the delete button.

Jiang Zuo watched her actions, his eyes were dimming.

Fortunately, he still held onto his sanity or he would have shouted for her to stop.

He must be going crazy because he had never liked blackmailing, but this time, he wasn’t sure what he was doing.

He probably really wanted revenge.

Sometimes, he wanted to ask her.

Didn’t she say that was an important photo, didn’t she keep it just to remind herself how much she used to like him?

But now, she deleted the photo for someone else.


It probably wasn’t that important.

Or had she found someone more important?

Someone like Spade Z.

Jiang Zuo didn’t think that she stood a chance with Qin Mo there because that youngster was a prey that had been marked.

No one could escape from Qin Mo, it would just be a matter of time.

He never intended to help Wu Zhen because he never liked abusing his power for private affairs.

Did she perhaps see him as that sort of person?

Jiang Zuo lowered his head, frustration filling his chest as he saw the emptied gallery.

Xue Yaoyao watched his expression, mistaking the frustration as worry. “I don’t have a computer, but I can show you my email to make sure there isn’t another copy. I understand that you don’t trust me, you can take your time to find out.”

“Does your Highness Jiu know about your sacrifice?” Jiang Zuo broke into a smile, hair falling downwards to cover his eyes and hiding his expression.

Xue Yaoyao paused. “He doesn’t need to know.” But she had to let her know that Wu Zhen was investigating her.

“Touching.” The last bit of warmth left him. He bent down abruptly, biting onto Xue Yaoyao’s lips.

His unique masculine scent drowned her senses and in that moment, her mind went blank.

When she caught sight of his gaze, she realized that his revenge had started.

Meanwhile, far away in the county hospital, Wu Zhen glanced at the dark phone screen.

The next time she called, no one picked up.

Her eyes started to change while her fist clenched tightly onto the phone in her palms.

What was wrong with Jiang Zuo?

When the call couldn’t go through, Su Mei understood immediately. Hence, she remarked, “If you can’t contact Young Master Jiang, you can find someone else. The ranks for troops in the country shouldn’t be that high, I’m sure a friend or Old Master Wu’s friend would be able to solve the situation with a word.”

Getting Jiang Zuo to help would speed things up since the Jiang family’s military power was just one less than the Qin family.

But Su Mei wasn’t wrong, she didn’t have to activate such a strong family for this small incident.

After some thought, Wu Zhen called her grandfather.

This time, help came swiftly.