Chapter 775 - Thoroughly Defeated Wu Zhen

Chapter 775: Thoroughly Defeated Wu Zhen

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He instructed Wu Zhen to pass the phone over to the officer in charge.

Wu Zhen listened to the authority in his voice, prepared for the matter to be settled.

However, the officer replied firmly, “This matter is out of your reach, you don’t have the authority to interfere.”

When Wu Zhen answered the call, he started, “Niece, this matter isn’t that simple, the troops must be investigating something, they don’t sound like ordinary soldiers. You had better come back.”

It was a kind advice, but Wu Zhen wasn’t the least bit grateful.

She blamed it on his low rank, a seemingly strong man, who couldn’t even control a country soldier.

While Wu Zhen continued to think of ways, the officer in charge swept her a glance.

Then he picked up his phone to send a text. “Young Master, all the documents have been seized, we have also clarified with the hospital director. Wu Zhen and Su Mei are looking for Young Master Jiu’s birth records. Once the document is found, I’ll send it over to Young Master, but Wu Zhen seems to be seeking help. A leader of a military zone just called. Should I reveal my identity in order to ensure smooth operation?”

When Qin Mo received the text message, a certain someone was checking his temperature.

Bo Jiu heard the phone vibrating, raising a brow as she unbuttoned his shirt. “Aren’t you going to check it?”

“I’ll let you check my temperature first,” Qin Mo replied calmly.

The intelligent Bo Jiu immediately understood that it was because of her presence.

Thus she found an excuse to excuse herself. After all, the Almighty would only guard against her when he was investigating cases.

She could be considerate sometimes.

Bo Jiu picked an apple, taking a bite as she gave the Almighty time for his case.

However, that wasn’t even the case, but she never expected him to be investigating her current body’s birth.

Qin Mo tapped open his phone, making a call while the youngster was away.

The special force soldier picked up immediately. “Young Master.”

“You don’t have to expose your identity, find the document personally, but don’t look at it once it’s found. As for the others, let her continue being a nuisance,” Qin Mo replied without emotion. “Once she is done, gather all those connections she contacted and deal with them along with the Wu family. If the Wu family wishes to interfere with the military, they can be dealt with using the military law.”

“Alright.” A chill ran through the soldier.

Young Master’s methods were the same as before; a sharp knife that killed mercilessly.

If he revealed his identity, Wu Zhen would stop seeking out her connections and would calm down.

However, if he didn’t, based on her personality, she would just worsen.

If he took action late, even Old Master Wu would not be able to save her.

But if she stopped her ruckus, there was a chance to reverse the situation.

Hence, it was all retribution even though Wu Zhen had never believed in retribution, placing her trust in power.

Once power was faced with money and power, they would cave.

Considering this, as long as she offered money, there would be someone who would help her.

Likewise, with power, all those troops would return to their base.

However, the next time she got the officer to pick up the call, he raised a brow, exchanging a few words with the person before hanging up the call.

Then he spat out, “Miss Wu is suspected of bribery and obstruction of official duties, we can speak in court if you have any problems.”

Wu Zhen paled, never expecting such a result!