Chapter 776 - Peace

Chapter 776: Peace

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The armed forces acted swiftly because the moment the command was out, soldiers came to hold Wu Zhen down.

She had never been treated in such a manner, but had always been the one arresting others.

Who could arrest her?

She was the only successor of the Wu family.

“Do you know who I am? How dare you bring me to the military court?” Wu Zhen narrowed her eyes, her voice was cold and hostile. “I’m here to investigate a case. When did the armed forces have the authority to arrest a police officer? If you aren’t clear about your duty, call and ask your leader, you won’t be able to deal with the consequences for messing with someone you shouldn’t.”

The special troop soldier swept her a glance. His voice remained calm. “Don’t worry, Miss Wu, what consequence can I face for executing my duties? As for you, you kept your badge after being fired, obstructed the armed forces and got a bunch of people to talk to me. Isn’t the Wu family doing business? When did they start commanding military affairs? Also, Miss Wu, do you think it’s alright to exploit your power for private matters just because your family is powerful?”

Wu Zhen eyes shot open. “Are you from the crime squad? Did Director Huang send you here?”

She never associated them to Qin Mo since she thought that she had kept the matter under wraps and he was other than the crime squad members, who had always tried to kick her out.

She also knew that the fat Huang wasn’t fond of her.

However, this must be because her grandfather had promised to get back at him for kicking her out of the crime squad.

Wu Zhen narrowed her eyes while smirking. “I’m just here to investigate, it has nothing to do with the crime squad. You have no right to order me.”

The special troop soldier glanced at her, wondering how she made it into the police force as she really was a disgrace to the force.

“It isn’t necessary for the crime squad to deal with someone like you, Miss Wu. You seem to have lived a privileged life far too long so that have forgotten what an ordinary citizen is allowed to do. You have already been kicked out of the police force, but yet, you pretend to be an officer investigating a case. Miss Wu, do you really think the Wu family would be able to save you? Don’t worry, they won’t. Arrest her!”

With the last words, they handcuffed her hands.

She wasn’t going to let the crime squad off!

Wu Zhen was escorted to the military car and even Su Mei wasn’t let off.

Meanwhile, the others continued to look for the birth records and thus in that moment, the entire room was filled with the rustling of papers.

Stacks of documents were carried in and out, but not many knew about the matter because all matters of the military had one common trait ━ confidentiality.

Moreover, the hospital director wasn’t dumb and kept the matter to himself.

After all, he had heard enough to know that Wu Zhen and Su Mei weren’t from the police force.

By the looks of things, he had helped someone he shouldn’t have.

Therefore, his legs softened when they turned to glance at him.

But what exactly were they looking for?

He couldn’t seem to figure it out.

Meanwhile, the skies over the Qin family’s house started to dim while the armed guards remained at the doorstep.

From inside the house, they could see the guards on duty.

“With this many guards, how am I going to kidnap him?” Bo Jiu stuffed a hand into her pocket, tossing the apple core into the bin as she muttered.

Madam Zhang tilted her head towards her line of sight, breaking into a smile. “Young Master Jiu, do you find the courtyard too quiet during night time?”

“Yeah.” Bo Jiu lifted her lips, calm and unruffled, not exposing her thoughts on kidnapping a certain someone.

Madam Zhang held a plate of sliced oranges. She must have sliced it after seeing Bo Jiu eating her apple.

“I find it too quiet as well, fortunately Young Master Jiu is here.” Madam Zhang broke into a smile. “Madam is rarely at home and Sir is often in the army. Young Master always eats his meals alone and it was rarely boisterous. But it isn’t the same when Young Master Jiu is here. Young Master’s appetite is better and he smiles more often. Even though he doesn’t express it, I can tell that he really likes Young Master Jiu’s visits. Even Madam is grateful towards you for visiting Young Master. Since Young Master isn’t that easy to get along with, I hope you can be more forgiving. Young Master isn’t good at expressing, but deep inside his thoughts are clear.”

Bo Jiu took the oranges from her hand while smiling lightly. “Don’t worry, Madam Zhang, I bottle up my thoughts as well, but I can feel it, I’m clear of how he treats me.”

Like his importance, she had always been aware of the many things she didn’t wish to scheme or guard against.

If he was someone else, she would have done it flawlessly.

However, he was Qin Mo.

The Qin Mo, whom she had spent three years and two months of her childhood with.

The Qin Mo, whom she wanted to forsake everything to kidnap.

He wasn’t someone else.

Bo Jiu toyed with an orange.

If she was destined to live in darkness, she wished that the flame he burned with would never extinguish.

And even if they ended as rivals, he would still be her most important person, whom she didn’t bear to pull into the darkness to be her partner.

Madam Zhang turned towards the youngster, who was wearing a warm smile, her heart sighing in relief. Young Master didn’t seem to be in a good mood yesterday. “I’ll have to trouble you today, Young Master Jiu. Honestly, I was rather surprised when I saw you this morning. How exactly did you make it in? I remember locking all the doors.”

Bo Jiu caressed her nose. She had to maintain a magnanimous image in Madam Zhang’s heart.

Hence, she decided not to tell her about her wall-climbing activities.

Bo Jiu decided to give a milder excuse. “The backdoor wasn’t locked, you must have forgotten…”

“Backdoor?” Madam Zhang tried to recall, but Bo Jiu was already heading upstairs.

“Eh, wait a minute, Young Master Jiu, where’s the backdoor?”

Bo Jiu didn’t turn because she didn’t know how to explain that.

Moreover, only a few seconds before, she was still scheming how to kidnap the Almighty.

If Madam Zhang discovered her intentions, she would never allow her to take care of her young master.

Bo Jiu didn’t use her hands, straightening her legs to kick the door open.

Qin Mo heard the noises from outside. Lifting his lids, his tone was leisurely. “What is it? Did the wall-jumping student almost got found out?”

What was the wall-jumping student considered in front your teasing?

She placed the plate of oranges down, bringing two laptops over. “I won’t get found out at the moment. As long as there isn’t a surveillance outside, I will be safe.”

Qin Mo looked at her, his lips curving upwards.

Since that didn’t seem like the right expression, she paused. “There’re surveillance cameras?”

The Almighty reached for a remote, pressing onto the switch while the smile was still on his face.

The television switched on. It was impossible for Bo Jiu to not know who that figure was as it was obviously her on the screen.

However, the surveillance camera was placed in a hidden location.

Since she had deliberately avoided the monitors outside, she had never expected there to be another one.

She didn’t need to guess to know whose idea it was.

“My room isn’t as high as the school’s, it really isn’t much for you.”

The Almighty didn’t forget to bring up her dark past.

Bo Jiu was already used to it, admiring her wall-climbing handsomeness along with the Almighty.

As she wanted to confirm the position for the last surveillance, her entire being was fixed on the screen.

Qin Mo was watching as well, but unlike her, he was more focused on the youngster’s actions. After stepping onto the branches, she raised her right hand to hold onto the wall, a stretch of flawless pale skin exposed. “It’s pretty.”

Bo Jiu didn’t think otherwise, assuming he was referring to her skill. Bo Jiu wanted to delete the video since it was a dark past after all.

The Almighty took action before her, saving the video. His actions were calm and nonchalant.

Bo Jiu didn’t understand why he would want to keep a video of her climbing the wall though she guessed that he must be trying to collect her dark moments.

The next time someone called her an intellectual, he would show her this video.

However, this just showed how innocent Bo Jiu actually was.

The reason he decided to save this clip wasn’t just to keep her dark moment. The main reason was the image that ignited some feeling within him…

The moment his eyes dimmed, Qin Mo’s throat moved slightly.

It must have taken a tremendous effort to suppress the urge, especially when he saw her suave moments.

He just wanted to press her to the ground, pull up the jarring uniform, rip open her t-shirt to bite her waist and that tantalizing back.

He wanted to see her tremble, struggle and move while being out of control, begging for mercy.

Qin Mo hadn’t forgotten that he was impersonating a patient though. After sipping some water, he switched the television off. Not a single hint of his thoughts were visible on his face.

As the first match for the National League would commence the following day, Bo Jiu brought both laptops over, thinking of using this chance to change her image. ” Brother Mo, how about a round?”

“For each?” Qin Mo raised a brow questioningly.

Bo Jiu lifted her lips. “PK.”

The Almighty had always been a worthy opponent, both during gaming and in real life.

Qin Mo glanced over at the excited the youngster. “Not playing.”

“Why not?” After all, the Almighty had always been a competitive person.

Qin Mo looked at her. His tone was calm. “I won’t engage in a battle with someone I like.”

Bo Jiu was caught off-guard and paused slightly before moving her laptop aside.

Then she carried Princess, caressing him repeatedly.

It wasn’t easy to reply to such a line.

Princess wanted to bite her. What the meow? He wasn’t a woolen toy. If he continued to caress her like this, he was going to get angry!

Qin Mo watched their interactions, his lips curving upwards. He placed his book down. “Come over, take my temperature.”

“Didn’t we just do it?” Bo Jiu finally released Princess.

Stroking a male cat’s fur is an insult to his bloodline! Princess was infuriated, taking several stomps. However, when he caught sight of himself in the mirror and realized that he looked good, he stopped showing Bo Jiu his claws.

Qin Mo glanced at his dumb cat before returning his gaze back to Bo Jiu. “You don’t have to take my temperature, but get a cloth, I can feel the temperature increasing.”

Bo Jiu reached out to touch his forehead. Although didn’t feel warm, she still took care of him patiently.

After all, her pet had been weak and sickly since young.

She pulled his collar open, placing the thermometer in his armpit again.

On closer inspection, she realized that his complexion hadn’t recovered and his lips were still pale.

In order to make himself look sickly, Almighty Qin had undertaken special means.

The first was his expression.

As a certain someone approached, her face was magnified and every pore visible.

He was pleased with her stance, his lips turning upwards.

When she caught sight of the smile on his stoic face, she was reminded of Madam Zhang’s face.

She suddenly had an urge to confess, but Bo Jiu was aware that her gender had never been the hurdle between them.

One of them stood in the light while the other reminded in the darkness.

He had rules he needed to abide by and she had things she needed to protect.

But watching the Almighty, Bo Jiu couldn’t help thinking about the times she wanted to buy him.

Even though she couldn’t have him, she still yearned for him.

Bo Jiu knew though that she couldn’t taint someone like the Almighty because she couldn’t bear to and would even punish anyone who tried.

Actually, she hadn’t only eaten an apple when she went downstairs, but had also communicated with Lawyer Bai.

As a lawyer, he always had a way with investigating, regardless of the person’s age.

That included the Almighty’s hand injury.

Lawyer Bai was indeed reliable because in less than a minute, he had replied. “I’m going to charge extra for information regarding the Qin family.’

“Alright.” As long as she could find out what happened.

“It’s an international serial murder.” Lawyer Bai didn’t say much, but every word was useful. “All the records have been locked up, the crime squad system has to be infiltrated in order to gain any information. Everything regarding Qin Mo isn’t ordinary, especially not that past. It’s best not to investigate him, you can’t tell how deep his waters are.”

Bo Jiu broke into a smile. “My waters are deep as well, I’ll send you the money once I reach home. I’ll throw in something special, but Lawyer Bai, is that all you’re going to tell me? Mmh?”

Lawyer Bai remained firm. “Special force army. That’s all I know about them, but from a lawyer’s perspective, the case wasn’t properly dealt with because Qin Mo had misunderstood someone. Though I’m not sure who it was. I don’t remember why he would jump into the water to save the criminal. It’s an international case so it won’t be easy to find the reason behind his injury. You can only deduce what happened. But ever since then, he never participated in the crime squad and focused on esports and managing Qin Group…”

This meant that the case was a psychological problem. Thus, as long as she found out the details of the case, she would be able to know why his hand was injured.

Bo Jiu lowered her lids, looking very much like a youngster.

However, she was conjuring a plan to infiltrate the crime squad to find out the specifics…