Chapter 778 - Qin Mo Found Out

Chapter 778: Qin Mo Found Out

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Rain trickled through the night and the temperature was cold and chilling.

Su Mei and Wu Zhen sat in the backseat of the military car. They had never before experienced such treatment.

The former was a mistress that spoke fondly of culture, enjoying a luxurious lifestyle while the latter’s background was a clear definition of her inability to suffer.

Su Mei wore a dress and hadn’t felt cold before since she had been in a warm environment the entire time, but now, the cold was starting to frustrate her.

The troops on duty in this small town were unlike the bigger units.

It was an extremely poor place.

This was where He Honghua gave birth to the little bastard.

The thought stirred the unjust in Su Mei. Why was that little country bumpkin living a better life than her?!

After all, she was a highly educated individual.

Su Mei wasn’t the only one feeling uncomfortable, Wu Zhen’s face darkened as well.

What exactly was the crime squad after?

Why were they targeting her?

In just one more month, she would have gotten back her police badge, but with this ruckus, there would definitely be trouble.

That aside, the secret was the most important thing now.

Wu Zhen narrowed her eyes, sweeping a glance at the infuriated Su Mei. “What exactly is the secret that can topple that gay? Can’t you give me an answer now that we’re in this state?”

Su Mei glanced up, taking two attempts before finally speaking. “I noticed something was wrong with He Honghua. Back then, she was still a shareholder of Fu Group and able to enjoy an extensive and established child bearing environment, but she disappeared for three months to give birth in this desolate place. Back then, I was pregnant was well, just five months later than her, but in that short period, she came back with a son. If it wasn’t for that little country bumpkin, all of Fu Zhongyi’s possessions would have been for my son. Fu Zhongyi was crazy about a son and since I was pregnant, I wasn’t able to satisfy him, which led to his lack of care and attention. Fortunately, that little country bumpkin wasn’t worthy or I would never be able to gain back his attention. Afterwards, I got someone to investigate and found out that she had gotten a friend to deliver her baby and had even made sure everything was kept a secret. I wasn’t able to find that friend anymore, but according to the nurses, He Honghua…”

Su Mei paused slightly. “She didn’t give birth to a son, but a daughter.”

At this, Wu Zhen’s head bolted upright, her eyes widened. “A girl? Are you sure?”

“The nurse can’t be sure, she just mentioned that she had a faint memory, but in the end, she concluded that she was wrong.” Su Mei opened her palms. “Which is why I sought your help to search for his birth records. She came from the countryside and doesn’t have the ability to fabricate documents. The passports could be settled with money, but the records in the hospitals are all sealed and held confidential. If it wasn’t for your ability, it would have been difficult. But now, all those troops have spoiled our plans!”

Wu Zhen’s expression darkened. “If He Honghua really gave birth to a female, why did she raise her daughter as a boy?”

“Miss Wu, you probably aren’t aware, but she would be poor to death if she hadn’t done that. Fu Zhongyi is a parvenu, after all, and carries the village’s old fashion mindset where the eldest son has the highest priority. Once a son has been born, he wouldn’t think about divorcing her. If Miss Wu could see how happy he was back then, you would understand He Honghua’s actions. I would have done it as well.” Su Mei eyes dimmed as she smirked. “He Honghua is a country bumpkin, has a loud personality and doesn’t know how to act in different events. I never expected her to have thought so deeply and to have kept that lie up for nearly eighteen years. Once that little country bumpkin is of age, the entire Fu group would be given to him. I was going to succeed. Who knew that little bumpkin had secretly kept so many shares? My brother was pulled out from the board and I’m not even able to enter the company, leaving Old Fu to deal with He Honghua and the bunch of stubborn old men who insist on being loyal. Who cares about loyalty in business, they need to focus on profits. Initially, I was on the verge of convincing them, but that little bumpkin suddenly popped up. I never expected him to have smartened up. Finding his birth records is the only way to topple him. If he really is a girl, he would be eliminated from the National League for lying about his gender. When it happens, he won’t have a part of the company and the only thing left would be the hatred by his former fans since he has always been hated upon. This would serve as the cherry on top.”

Wu Zhen understood everything she was saying.

Moreover, if the gay was really a female, Brother Mo would no longer treat him the same way.

The gay was able to act arrogantly because of his close proximity to Brother Mo, but his gender was the reason behind Brother Mo’s low defence.

Brother Mo hated lying women, especially if the person used a disguise to approach him. The reasons behind were apparent.

Wu Zhen wanted to inform him right away.

Su Mei was still regretful. “If only we arrived a day earlier, the documents would have been ours.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Wu Zhen’s eyes dimmed. “You should have told me about it earlier.”

She then would have found a reason to find Brother Mo.

Besides, from the looks of things, there seemed to be a 50% chance of that gay being a female.

But could a girl be this ruthless?

Because of the youngster’s slyness in particular and his usual demeanour, Wu Zhen would never have thought of this possibility.

But even so, she could still create something.

Su Mei could sense her displeasure. In order not to offend her, Su Mei took on a placating tone. “I never expected anyone to dare take a stand against the Wu family, so…”

“Take a stand against the Wu family?” Wu Zhen laughed, interrupting her. “Don’t you know the power my grandfather yields? Miss Su, you must have heard. Just sit back and wait. I spoke to him before we were taken away, he will find ways to get us out. It won’t be later than tomorrow afternoon before we are back in Jiang City. Just in time for the National League and by then…”

She would be the one breaking the news to Brother Mo.

It would be the end of that gay.

Su Mei felt much better from her words. “Miss Wu has the best plans.”

With the Wu family, they didn’t have to be afraid.

At the same time, the troops had found the records, passing it to the special forces soldier.

The soldier still remembered Qin Mo’s orders. After receiving the records, he immediately sealed it, not letting anyone, including himself, see the details.

“Everyone is dismissed,” he commanded in a low voice.

These troops always moved swiftly because they came without notice and left without leaving any trace.

The special forces soldier sat in the back of the Hummer, finally getting through to the number he had dialled the most number of times today.

“Speak.” It was just one word, but it was enough to know it was a convenient time to speak.

“The document is found. I’ll be rushing over, it’ll take another hour before I reach the city.”

The soldier started his key, asking in a low voice, “Do I head to Young Master’s house?”

Qin Mo glanced out of the window. “Head to the courtyard, I’ll take it personally.”

The soldier paused. “The main house?”

He hadn’t met Young Master ever since that incident because it had been a long time since his young master had been activated.

Qin Mo eyes deepened. “There’s trouble in the Jiang City, gather the others and start working.”

The soldier’s eyes lit up. “Young Master, you mean? F*ck! I have been waiting forever for this day!”

“Stop nagging, head over first. I have a task for you.” Qin Mo hung up after finishing his orders.

Even when he was on a call, he seemed to be calculating the time.

For instance, the timing the youngster should be out of the shower.

Bo Jiu was indeed out, drying her hair with one hand and rubbing her eyes with the other. “Brother Mo, you should change your shampoo to something milder.”

Qin Mo glanced at her ruffled hair before placing his phone at the side. He pulled her forward with his eyes narrowed. “Didn’t you bring your eye drops?”

“Who would bring that to climb walls?” Wouldn’t that be a hassle?

Qin Mo stopped his sickly act, bolting upright with one word. “Wait.”

“Alright.” The white towel fell forward shielding more than half of his face; the upturned lips a clear sign of mischief.

Indeed, the moment Qin Mo left, Bo Jiu glanced towards his phone.

She wanted to hack his phone.

It was purely to curb her itch, which was because of the call from ‘Little Huang’.

It was obvious that the Almighty hadn’t contacted the crime squad before that.

Then there was one question.

If they weren’t from the crime squad who exactly had the power to make the Almighty send so many texts and to pick up their call?

She didn’t bring her tools, but based on her experience with such electronics, it wasn’t impossible to decode.

As a qualified international hacker, she possessed basic professional skills, such as making use of the things around her…

Bo Jiu retrieved the adhesive tape she took from downstairs, pulling it across the phone screen.

Traces of the finger’s sweat would mark the screen due to the frequent unlocking of the screen.

Even a clean freak like the Almighty would not be able to guard against the body’s heat.

Ordinary people would never be able to notice any difference, but Bo Jiu wasn’t an ordinary person.

The markings on the phone screen was something she was highly sensitive towards.

With a white towel wrapped around her silvery locks, she narrowed her alluring eyes, deciphering the numbers digit by digit.

“5, 2, 0, 9, 9, 9”

These numbers flashed on the screen.

The youngster paused, her ears turning a blushing red.

This password…

She didn’t have time to think about anything else.

Thus Bo Jiu glanced at the call history.

As a hacker, Bo Jiu possessed skills which ordinary hackers wouldn’t specialize in.

Mental calculation, memory and sensitivity towards numbers. Bo Jiu had learnt all these since young.

Even if she didn’t remember everything with just one glance, she would be able to remember a large portion.

She had wanted to find something, but obviously, the Almighty would never leave anything in his phone aside from a string of numbers.

Who exactly was she?

The moment that thought appeared, her left ear twitched as the sound of footsteps approaching could be heard.

Bo Jiu swiped her fingers, allowing the screen to return to the homepage. With the other hand, she pressed the white towel onto her head, sitting on the bed leisurely.

Qin Mo approached her, sweeping her a glance.

With his hands outstretched, he grabbed her chin. “Lift your head.”

Bo Jiu acted obediently since she had just done something wrong.

Her small face arched, directing a smile at the Almighty ━ the kind she found handsome.

But unfortunately, the Almighty thought otherwise and raised a brow. “What did you do to warrant such compliance?”

Bo Jiu: …

“I guess you really did something.” Qin Mo watched her action, sweeping another glance at the bed. “That wasn’t the position of my phone before I left. I guess the wall-jumping student likes to use other people’s belongings as well. I guess, you should know the password then, 520999.”

Bo Jiu listened to the password, coughing subconsciously as though she had choked on something.

Qin Mo continued to pinch her chin before lifting it higher and pressing it forward effortlessly. His breath was splashing onto her face. “Honestly, did you hack my things to hear my confession?”

Bo Jiu: … The Almighty, strike one.

“I clearly placed it back,” Bo Jiu muttered under her breath. She couldn’t tell the difference.

“Mmh…” Qin Mo stood up, his white fingers measuring. “It’s one millimeter away.”

Bo Jiu: … What!

“A wall-jumping student like you wouldn’t be able to tell.” Qin Mo couldn’t help dealing another blow. “Since it’s about distance, it’s associated with physics.”

Bo Jiu was defeated.

Qin Mo, however, continued to study the youngster. “How did you decode the password?”

Bo Jiu was thoroughly defeated, she dropped the eye drop into her eyes, a stinging sensation gushing. She lifted her hands, pointing towards the crime tools that were in the bin.

“Don’t blink.” Qin Mo positioned her face with one hand, sweeping the bin a glance. “Adhesive tape? That’s smart, there are uneven prints on the phone, which can be used to get the password. Did you cheat that from Madam Zhang? If Madam Zhang finds out what sort of person you are, you won’t be getting the lean meat century egg porridge tomorrow.”

Bo Jiu shut one eye, her face slightly puffed up. She looked very much like a vigorous youngster. “She just needs to see the handsome person. I didn’t lie to Madam Zhang, I stole it.”

Qin Mo laughed. “You feel proud about a stolen good?”

“I didn’t.” Bo Jiu caressed her pocket, reaching out to place a crumpled ten dollar note into his hand. “I’m buying it with the original price.”

Qin Mo raised a brow. “Just ten dollar? It isn’t even enough to buy a piece of candy.”

Bo Jiu didn’t think she should be discussing such money matters with the Almighty.

You could buy several lollipops with ten dollars!

The last drop of the eye drops dropped into her eyes, which then submerged into darkness.

Only his melodic voice could be heard. “Don’t open your eyes, shut it for a moment. I’ll go shower.”

Just as Bo Jiu was lying on her side, Princess had wanted to ambush her for squishing him so much, relegating him unworthy of his mighty and formidable name.

But the moment he moved, the youngster hugged him into her embrace.

Meow! Such viciousness! How exactly did his master withstand him?!

Princess was covered in soft and fluffy fur.

Her eyes were covered with eye drops while the familiar smell was drowning out her senses.

Mmh… The smell of the Almighty.

The Almighty wasn’t the least bit bothered about her invading his privacy and his pet still treated her rather well.

The youngster’s silvery locks fell from her ear, spreading over her beautiful eyes.

Her grip on Princess softened unknowingly before falling gradually. Her breathing became stable.

Qin Mo walked out while drying his hair, taking in the scene.

His gaze deepened as he headed over. He was about to caress the face that had sunk into the pillows when his phone screen lit up.

Qin Mo stood up, glancing over at the screen. He then walked out of the room before he accepted the call.

“Young Master, I’m here.”

The soldier switched on the headlights of his Hummer.

Qin Mo raised his head. “Be quiet, I’ll come out.”

The soldier couldn’t understand why his young master was being so careful.

Moreover, Young Master had never liked the rain s why was he coming out?

Just as he was trying to figure things out, Qin Mo had already walked out in his pyjamas. His pure white cotton lounge wear was coupled with a black umbrella and the bandaid on the back of his hand.

The soldier was startled by his boss’s attire.

What exactly was Young Master doing?

Acting as a sickly prince?

Qin Mo didn’t waste time, heading straight into the car. “Document.”

The soldier passed it over. “It has been sealed, no one has seen the contents.”

Qin Mo reached for it silently, holding onto the birth record, which had the name and age. It was clearly He Honghua’s record.

Qin Mo’s calm gaze swept down the paper.

Suddenly, that usually calm gaze shook!

The soldier in front couldn’t help turning over to take a peak!