Chapter 779 - A Girl?

Chapter 779: A Girl?

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Under the faint glow of from his phone, a corner of the document could be seen.

On the left was the name and next to it was the gender.

It was an ordinary record and although the word ‘Female’ wasn’t big, it was the first thing Qin Mo saw!

The word stirred the calmness in his gaze.

That youngster who could never behave…

That youngster who would always brag about his handsomeness…

That youngster who fought more ruthlessly than a guy…

That youngster who had wanted to compete in size on their first encounter…

That youngster who was constantly wavering in front of him, turning him into a gay…

He was female?

A thunder echoed from afar and lighting pierced through the air!

Qin Mo’s ravishing face was reflected on the car window. At this moment, not even his well-defined features could hide the shock on his face!

No, it wasn’t just shock. His expression couldn’t be described.

His first reaction was to flip the record before raising it up, glancing at the soldier.

The soldier had never seen his young master act in such a manner.

In his memory, his young master had always been nonchalant and effortless like a god who walked in the depths of hell ━ the same emotionless state regardless of the environment.

But this time, there was a clear change in his mood and it wasn’t just a slight change.

“Is there something wrong with the document?” That was the only reason the soldier could come up with.

Qin Mo’s eyes deepened, the strong beat within his chest forcing his grip to tighten. “No, there isn’t anything wrong.”

Young Master was back in control.

But what document was it for his young master to act this way?

The soldier was curious, reaching his neck for a peak.

Qin Mo twisted his hands, turning the document downwards. His face was elegant and his gaze calm, but there was an oppression that was radiating outwards.

The soldier froze, retracting his neck instantly.

He was afraid his young master would break it otherwise.

“Who else has seen this document?” Qin Mo’s low voice blended into the raindrop.

The soldier straightened. “Sir, as per your instructions, everything inside is confidential. Other than Young Master, no one has seen it.”

Qin Mo was seemingly in a daze, but he struggled to maintain his thoughts. His long slender fingers were caressing a word on the document while his eyes were darkening. “Don’t let anyone find out that He Honghua’s delivery records were investigated and make another document according to the hospital’s standard.”

“Make another one?” The soldier turned the steering wheel. “But I haven’t seen the records in Young Master’s hand and I don’t know the details…”

Qin Mo lifted his lids, taking his time to reply. “Do I need to personally teach you to fabricate documents?”

“Heh.” The soldier laughed. “I’m good with fabrication, but what effect is Young Master looking for?”

Qin Mo folded the document, his tone calm. “I don’t need any effect, just write male under the gender.”

That simple?

The soldier was confused. Was that even considered fabrication?

Young Master came down personally to instruct him on such a small matter?

The soldier felt as though he was an admin.

“And.” Qin Mo glanced out the window, his lips hostile. “Investigate any untraceable phone call that has been made within the last three months.”