Chapter 780 - Qin Mo’s Thoughts Made Her Cry

Chapter 780: Qin Mo’s Thoughts Made Her Cry

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The soldier’s eyes lit up at the end, perking up. “Seems like you’re really coming back?”

Qin Mo remained silent, his gaze still fixed on the paper in his hands as though trying to clarify something.

The soldier wanted to say more, but Qin Mo had already opened the car door and was on the way out; a pure black umbrella over his head while the raindrops dripped downwards.

No one could see his expression under the umbrella or the deep pair of eyes beneath his dark hair.

The paper crumpled within his palms.

Until this moment, the unstable thumping of his heart had yet to calm down. Even his breathes were hurried.

When Madam Zhang caught sight of him, she hurried out with a jacket.

But before she could head out, Qin Mo was already back, the folded umbrella still dripping wet.

Both his shoulders and dark locks were damp.

Madam Zhang assumed his foul mood was because of the rain, but on closer inspection, she realized he didn’t seem to be in a foul mood because she could see a faint hint of a smile, that was menacing and… Cheeky?

He seemed to be prepared to punish someone, but wasn’t really enraged either. Instead, he seemed to be smiling, looking unusually ravishing as his dark locks fell downwards. Madam Zhang was thoroughly confused.

It seemed harder and harder to guess his thoughts. Did something good happen? Or was it something bad?

Qin Mo didn’t head up immediately. Instead, he grabbed a lighter from the coffee table and turned around as he lit a cigarette.

However, he didn’t start to smoke the cigarette, but pressed it onto the sealed document.

Qin Mo wasn’t behaving in his usual manner even though his military aura was apparent.

Fitting to his aura, armed guards continued to guard the courtyard.

That aside, Qin Mo was dressed casually, but there was a seemingly formidabile aura within the calmness.

Perhaps only the Qin family could pull this off.

Under the glow of the flame, the document turned to ashes before Qin Mo finished smoking the cigarette.

Madam Zhang only watched from afar in silence.

In this household, everyone knew not to question when documents were burnt.

Qin Mo held onto the cigarette. Although his stance was elegant, his thoughts were a stark contrast.

He should have taken that guy earlier!

Reaching out, he crashed the cigarette into the ashtray.

Qin Mo stood up, heading up stairs.

He moved slowly, but with every step, his eyes darkened.

When he finally caught sight of the sleeping youngster, his eyes lit up like a burning flame.

Bo Jiu was sound asleep, oblivious to the surroundings. If she had known, she would never have been able to sleep so peacefully.

She had assumed that she was well prepared with her chest binded.

However, this fatal secret had unknowingly been exposed.

Fortunately, the eye drops helped aid sleep and allowed the patient’s eyes to get sufficient rest.

However, that wasn’t planned and because of that, Bo Jiu slipped into a deep slumber.

Qin Mo glanced down at the sleeping youngster. Her silver locks were falling across her white and flawless face.

It was itching for a touch ━ or perhaps, to be punished…