Chapter 781 - Back to Normal

Chapter 781: Back to Normal

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His eyes started to dim and even this breathing changed.

The usually elegant Qin Mo was starting to feel thirsty…


He tossed the lighter to the other side of the bed, which seemed to indicate the start of something.

The menacing flame within him stirred and was on the verge of engulfing his entire being.

He wanted passionate kissed, greater intimacy ━ he wanted to rip this person apart!

Qin Mo could feel the blood pulsing within him; the heat seeping through his veins, heading straight between his thighs!

Qin Mo inched towards the youngster while reaching out to tug his tie. Although he was seemingly at the edge of his self control, his fingers caressed Bo Jiu’s waist and were then moving upwards.

He was probably doing a final check to determine the youngster really was a female.

His fingers reached the bind and his eyes sharpened.

As he tugged onto the cloth, Bo Jiu rubbed her head on the pillow. Her murmurs were cold and slightly hoarse, dissipating through the space and shifting the mood…

Qin Mo watched her with dark and heavy eyes.

How had she convinced him that they were fake?

His fingers applied a light pressure, moving upwards. The pressure wasn’t heavy enough to wake her up, but it was still spreading a numbing sensation.

Qin Mo felt the indescribable smoothness. His breathing became heavier and warmer, splashing onto the black diamond in her ear. He glanced at her before kissing her pyjamas onto the roundness he was supporting. The youngster truly was alluring and irresistible.

Qin Mo rolled her pyjamas upwards across her tight and flawless abdomen and towards the faint hint of roundness.

His eyes sunk. The longer his fingers were exploring, the more heat was gushing downwards.

It wasn’t possible for her to be oblivious, but her lids were too heavy.

Bo Jiu felt weak and soft, but she couldn’t explain the difference as the numbing sensation started to rise, forcing out a cry.

Her body reacted honestly.

Girls her age were like budding flowers, waiting to be picked; sensitive to the touch.

Bo Jiu moved her legs instinctively, not sure what she was caressing.

At this moment, Qin Mo noticed the action.

“You want it?”

It was a whispered question, knowing she wouldn’t be awake. Her softness and the touch was so alluring he couldn’t seem to control his desires…


As compared to a half-awake youngster, he would much prefer her taking the lead, sitting on his waist; especially when she begged in that hoarse voice, crying for mercy.

Qin Mo’s throat tightened as his fingers were travelling downwards to her legs. With only the thin material in between, the restless youngster came into contact with his warmth…

He moved inch by inch before releasing himself after a long while. His eyes were dark as he headed to the bathroom.

This time, he didn’t even remove his clothes, allowing the freezing cold water to drip down his head. But even this wasn’t able to calm the heat within him because he simply couldn’t forget the scene from before; the irresistible image of a certain someone and how her pyjamas rolled upwards, exposing half of the roundness. Her ruffled hair, slightly lifted lips and knotted brows. Alone her expression was enough to entice him.

It was a pity her eyes were closed.

If they had been open, she would have seen how he took her. Those clear eyes would definitely have widened before clouding up…

“Hu~” Qin Mo lifted his head. His neck was lengthening like a majestic beast as he recalled the expression the youngster had when she helped him. His hands were increasing in speed.

The water came crashing down, travelling down his perfectly defined curves. Every inch was filled with strength.

Qin Mo leaned against the bathroom walls, allowing the vapours from the water to spread. Once the water was hot enough, he was thoroughly soaked. He reached out to press the fallen hair on his forehead, his gaze alluring.

There was a certain type of person who could look irresistibly sexy even when he masturbated and Almighty Qin was definitely that sort of person.

However, he was taking too long to cool down because the next time he came back was about half an hour later.

Once again, he walked towards the youngster.

He arranged everything back to normal, including her clothes and buttons.

As Qin Mo could return everything back to perfection, there was barely a difference.

The poor Bo Jiu wasn’t aware of how Qin Mo had been trying out the ‘dessert’ for the past twenty minutes.

This meant that Qin Mo intended to keep it a secret because he didn’t expose anything. All his actions were helping the youngster to continue the lie.

He was determined to become a gay.

But who would have expected a girl to turn him gay?

Since a certain someone enjoyed playing hide and seek with him, he would play with her ━ but this time, all the ‘cards’ were in his hands.

Qin Mo lifted his lips teasingly.

Bo Jiu wasn’t aware of what had happened in that short while she hugged Princess to sleep.

She flipped.

Qin Mo raised a brow and a thought struck him.

He held onto his phone, snapping a photo of the sleeping youngster.

However, in the end, he wasn’t pleased with the photo because her collarbones were exposed.

Reaching out, he pulled the covers over her.

Then he laid down beside her, raising the phone up high and pressing the camera for a couple-shot, which he uploaded onto his official Weibo along with the words, “Such an alluring dessert.”

The next second, the comment section exploded.

“Ahhhhhh, Almighty Qin posted at such an hour, this isn’t normal!”

“F*ck, this pose, *salivates*! Alluring!”

“Hey, the National League tour hasn’t started, why are Almighty Qin and Little Spade in the same room?”

“The one on top isn’t very intelligent, the Almighty wants to tell us that they sleep together even without the competition! That is their daily life! The love flaunting life!”

“Broadcasting his authority?”

“Are they that close in real life?”

“Am I the only one interested in the desert? There isn’t any dessert in this photo.”

“He must be referring to Big Spade *shields face and runs*, Almighty Qin is so naughty!”