Chapter 782 - Love in CP

Chapter 782: Love in CP

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It was the middle of the night and not only were the fans jolted awake from Qin Mo’s post, even the esports media was.

The media’s awakening also indicated a laborious amount of covering up to do.

Feng Yi had planned to sleep early since the National League started tomorrow. As a manager who had been with Qin Mo from the start, it would be a lie if he wasn’t agitated.

Even though there finally wasn’t a dinner he needed to attend, his phone was kept busy!

“Boss Liu, you must be joking, when did Almighty Qin become gay? As for his relationship with Spade Z, it would be best to ask him personally,” Feng Yi replied, suppressing the urge to head down to the Qin family’s house. How could he post such a photo so casually?!

“Boss Feng, stop trying to hide it. If Young Master Qin is interested in guys, I can help him arrange a few young ones.”

Feng Yi lifted a brow, replying slyly, “Boss Liu, Boss Qin doesn’t like those, you should be aware. You can keep the young ones for yourself. Previously, Boss Zhang took matters into his own hands, sending some to Young Master Qin. Didn’t you see what happened? Everyone knows the consequence.”

Liu choked before breaking into a bashful smile. “Erm, I’m just joking, it’s just a joke. Young Master Qin must be busy with the competition, how can they speculate with just a photo, I’ll have to tell all of them off.”

Feng Yi chuckled.

Everyone knew how popular the Qin Group’s team was and thus even the smallest activity could blow up into a huge topic.

Boss Liu would definitely agree on an exclusive publicity. “Don’t worry, we won’t be posting anything unconfirmed, even though there is love in CP, it would be within certain limits.”

“I never expected Boss Liu to be aware of the term CP.” Feng Yi had always been the one settling the back-end matters.

Boss Liu wasn’t willing to hang up. “It wasn’t my intention. My daughter loves Spade Z and would constantly tell me about being at ease if Big Spade gets together with Almighty Qin. She also mentioned how suitable Lin Feng and Yun Hu are and would always ask why the both of them don’t just make it official? Brother Feng, let’s discuss this, could you secretly tell…”

“Dad, how many times do I have to tell you not to do such things! Our Spade Z doesn’t like us doing this. Now that I’m on the official Weibo, there are many opportunities to come into contact with Big Spade. So you can’t pull strings or it won’t be far to the other Spade fans.”

Through the phone, Feng Yi could hear her clear voice and chuckled. “You have a sensible daughter.”

Boss Liu: … Does that mean he isn’t sensible? F*ck, can’t he get his beloved daughter a signature?

“Dad, hurry and tell Uncle Feng there isn’t a need.”

Boss Liu laughed bitterly. “Old Brother Feng, you heard that.”

Feng Yi: … All I heard was the term uncle. How do I look like an uncle? I’m still so young!

“I heard that.” Those three words were muttered unwillingly.

That little cutie blushed, she seemed unable to keep it in as she added another line. “Uncle Feng, tell Big Sade that I will work hard to become a VIP fan and confess to him at the match. And… Supreme Alliance for victory!”