Chapter 783 - Almighty Qin Seeking Vengeance

Chapter 783: Almighty Qin Seeking Vengeance

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A belief strongly carved into the hearts of dedicated fans, a burning desire that had never been extinguished.

“Supreme Alliance ━ Victory!”

“Alright.” Little Cutie, if you dared to confess, Almighty Qin would definitely freeze you with his cold glare. Hmm, it would be better if you just kept it in.

After this positive phone call, Feng Yi didn’t forget to find the ‘culprit’!

However, both calls didn’t go through.

Feng Yi inhaled deeply, suppressing the urge to make another call. He sent a text instead.

“You won’t be able to sleep soundly with Little Spade lying beside you. Ii know you’re still awake, Almighty Qin, Boss Qin, please pick up your phone!”

Qin Mo successfully picked out the anger and frustration in Feng Yi’s text.

He lifted his hand leisurely, answering the third call. “What is it?”

A nonchalant tone as though he hadn’t done anything!

“The photo you posted and the caption that came with it isn’t appropriate, the nation will not be able to accept such matters.” Feng Yi reminded.

Qin Mo asked, “If they can’t accept this, won’t you go crazy when I announce to the world that he’s really mine?”

Feng Yi took another deep breath. “I won’t go crazy, the fans will go crazy. Boss Qin, Almighty Qin, even if you wish to cause trouble, you would have to suppress yourself.”

And what do you mean by really yours?

Feng Yi felt a need to remind him about Bo Jiu’s age. “Little Spade isn’t of age yet.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t take him at the moment. Bye.”

Feng Yi watched the darkened screen. Take? Did Boss Qin just use the word take? Why did Little Spade seem to be in danger?!

Qin Mo truly had such intentions, but it wasn’t perfect yet.

A certain someone hadn’t taken the initiative to sit on his waist and only that would make it perfect.

Qin Mo lifted his hand, caressing down her arm before holding on. His lips were upturned.

He deliberately lowered the temperature as the rain was adding to the coldness. Humans had a natural attraction towards warmth.

Thus, it wasn’t long before Bo Jiu inched towards him, seeking his warmth.

Qin Mo raised his arm, positioning it across her shoulders and taking on a possessive stance before shutting his eyes lightly.

One day, she would be his!

Bo Jiu had no clue what had happened, but her body could still remember. Hence, the next morning, her ears were flushed.

After sweeping a glance at the sleeping Almighty, she jumped out of the bed and headed into the bathroom, splashing water on her face.

Then she investigated her pyjamas, but other than the slight crumple, everything seemed normal.

But why did she have such a dream?

Bo Jiu watched her face in the mirror. Ruffling silvery locks stuck to her ears.

Amidst her half-awake state, she felt a numbing sensation raise from within.

It felt as though the Almighty had touched her.

Bo Jiu frowned. Had she dreamt of the Almighty in her sleep? After all, this was just a feeling.

Such a dream.

Bo Jiu blushed, splashing more cold water on her face before placing both hands on the basin to support herself suavely. Not even guys were able to look that ravishing, but the youngster could do it with a hint of toughness.

Qin Mo leaned against the bathroom door, his lips slightly upturned before he headed front.

Bo Jiu paused. After having such a dream, to be able to see the Almighty’s perfectness in person…

Bo Jiu felt as though she was taking advantage of him…