Chapter 784 - Checking if Bo Jiu Brushed Her Teeth

Chapter 784: Checking if Bo Jiu Brushed Her Teeth

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Because of the subtle guilt, Bo Jiu diverted her gaze.

However, she would never have expected the Almighty to head straight for her pants!

“Brother Mo?” She raised a brow, retreating backwards smoothly.

Qin Mo stuffed a hand into his pants pocket, his side profile perfect and his voice faint. “What’s with the reaction, don’t you have to pee in the morning?”

Every guy knew what he meant and Bo Jiu, the fake guy, knew as well.

On their very first meeting, she shouldn’t have told the Almighty that brothers peed together.

At that time, Bo Jiu had never expected him to use it against her and even so endlessly.

“I’m good, Brother Mo, you can have the toilet. I’ll go take a peak at the feast Madam Zhang has made.”

The Almighty would usually let her off, but this time… He raised his arm, blocking her pathway.

“We can go after I’m done.”

This request… Bo Jiu wanted to reject him, but Qin Mo had already unzipped his pants with his long and flawless hands.

The dream from before coupled with the current situation sent a flush up her face. This wasn’t the same situation as in their variety show since she had never intended to take advantage of the Almighty.

In order to prevent herself from having such dreams further, Bo Jiu averted her gaze. The flush, however, was remaining on her face.

Qin Mo lowered his eyes, which carried a cheery glow, while his lips were upturned.

If Feng Yi were to hear about this, he would definitely comment on how despicable he was!

“Erm, Brother Mo, did I do anything to you yesterday?”

As the atmosphere felt awkward, Bo Jiu felt a need to say something.

The glow in Qin Mo’s eyes brightened. Did something to him?


He zipped up his pants before he turned over. He was seemingly nonchalant, but his brows were knotted. “You kept inching over to my side. What exactly were you dreaming about?”

Bo Jiu remained silent. How was she supposed to explain her dream?!

Fortunately, the Almighty didn’t persist and changed the topic. “Have you brushed your teeth?”

“Mmh.” Bo Jiu was still wondering how she inched towards him. It wasn’t safe for her at the moment since the Almighty was gay. Even though she had taken advantage of him, he was after all a person who had confessed to her.

“Let me check.”


Bo Jiu lifted her head before her chin was lifted further upwards.

Then, a lemon toothpaste flavored kiss came crashing down, a chilliness landing on her lips.

Bo Jiu stilled and her dark eyes widened in shock!

“You seemed to have brushed your teeth.”

Qin Mo retrieved his hand, glancing at her with a smile.

“Alright, I’m done with the check, let’s have breakfast.”

Bo Jiu: … The Almighty was probably the only one who could say something like that so naturally. What sort of check was that?!

But now that the moment had passed, it seemed petty to bring it up.

Bo Jiu grabbed Princess, who had witnessed everything, and vented her frustration on him.

Princess was shocked.

His first instinct upon waking up was to protect his master, but his master just kissed that guy. What exactly was happening?!

You shouldn’t look down on him just because he was a cat as he could tell what a kiss was!

This was bad, his perfect master must have gone crazy!