Chapter 785 - Almighty Qin Wants Her to Sit On His Lap

Chapter 785: Almighty Qin Wants Her to Sit On His Lap

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After she was done with breakfast, Madam Zhang had been sneaking glances towards the second floor.

Since her young master had been acting weirdly yesterday, she was afraid of something happening.

However, when she caught sight of Qin Mo walking down the stairs in his dark uniform and a shoulder bag, all her worries dissipated.

It had been a long while since her young master had been in such a good mood.

His lips were upturned even while he ate his breakfast, but the smile was fleeting because it was gone by the time Young Master Jiu was down.

Madam Zhang walked forward, holding onto the uniform Bo Jiu had taken off the day before. “Young Master Jiu, I’ve washed your uniform, the one Young Master has is too big for you. Hurry and change it out.”

Bo Jiu glanced at the Almighty before thanking Madam Zhang with a smile, heading upstairs with her uniform.

To Supreme Alliance, this wasn’t just an ordinary morning.

In the Dongcheng District of central Beijing, Xue Yaoyao watched her reflection in the mirror.

No one was willing to be ordinary and she felt the same.

The National League.

The day had finally arrived.

She opened the door and to her surprise, two figures stood below the jujube tree in her household.

One of them had a cigarette dangling in his mouth while the other stuttered. “He-here, I-I- remember the add-ress.”

Yin Wuyao glanced up, tapping his cigarette. “Indeed, Yaoyao is behind you.”

“Ah.” Feng Shang turned, breaking into a smile, his tender face radiant. “Yaoyao, yo-you have-have no idea how Uncle bullied me yesterday when we slept together…”

Yin Wuyao paused. “Feng Shang, speak properly!”

Bully… F*ck, I’m the only straight guy in the entire Supreme Alliance, don’t ruin my reputation!

A meeting with her teammates early in the morning was a mythical feeling.

Xue Yaoyao seemed to have forgotten her initial anxiety.

“Let’s go, Manager Feng is driving us personally.”

On that day, Jiang City’s morning was misty as usual and even the car windows were clouded with mist.

But it was also the most unforgettable day.

Even after a long time, after she would have retired from esports and while she would carry her sleeping child, she would still remember the speed of her heartbeat at this moment.




The youngster pulled the zip for her uniform and stuffed both hands into her pocket.

With her back straight, legs long, back firm, she watched as the sun rose and then walked towards the darkness slowly, pulling onto the black armguard on her left hand. Her uniform was flying in the wind handsomely.

Even Princess couldn’t help gasping at his aura.

Meanwhile, Qin Mo waited downstairs for a certain someone with his shoulder bag on his shoulders, tall and firm, looking magnificent and noble.

Feng Yi drove skilfully, driving the commercial car without an issue.

After all, the commercial car had already been noted down by the courtyard. Hence, it wasn’t difficult to enter; just a signature was sufficient.

That aside, he seemed to have forgotten that usually, the driver was the one driving with just the right number of seats remaining, but now that he had taken the driver’s seat, there was a seat lacking.

When the team realized the issue, the atmosphere froze.

But Qin Mo spoke quickly, his tone calm, “No one has to alight, someone can sit on my lap.”