Chapter 787 - A Reaction?

Chapter 787: A Reaction?

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That was a physique unlike hers, strong and firm, hard and warm.

Bo Jiu felt her heart skip a beat as she glanced at Qin Mo.

The Almighty picked up a sponsored bottle of mineral water naturally before tilting his head backwards and taking a mouthful, all while watching her.

Bo Jiu shifted, trying to avoid that certain position.

Regardless of how free spirited she was, she flushed.

Even though she felt as thought she was taking advantage of him, she wasn’t at ease.

The Almighty was still leaning against the car door. When he detected her actions, he narrowed his eyes before moving the bottle aside. He covered the bottle and lifted a dark brow. Amidst the sounds from the car, he whispered, “Aren’t you afraid there would be a reaction if you keep moving?”


The car started and she was sliding to ground, sweeping a heated wave.

Bo Jiu was the only one who had heard him since the others were still trying to accept how she was sitting on Qin Mo.

They weren’t in the mood to hear their conversation. Moreover, the sound produced from the car rumbled on.

She paused instantly while Qin Mo lifted his lips. “Want some water?”

Bo Jiu shook her head, shutting her eyes. Did this count as him taking advantage of her?

She had originally intended to change seats, but the Almighty reacted shamelessly.

“I have candy for you in my pocket. Take it yourself, it’s easier to take from your position.”

The moment she heard about the candy, Bo Jiu tossed the other questions aside, moving her left hand towards the pocket of his jacket. There were indeed two lollipops there, both chocolate flavored.

She unwrapped one unceremoniously, stuffing it into her mouth.

Since she was stuck in this position with or without the candy, it would be better to reward herself.

The Almighty’s breathe sprayed on her left side, making her uncomfortable; especially his glance with each slight movement and their thighs that were sticking to each other.

Alright, it was indeed a position that brothers used sometimes, especially when there wasn’t space in the car.

Squeezing like that was rather normal ━ but she had never expected to end up in such a situation.

Especially with Manager Feng’s subpar driving skills because he drove as though he had drunk alcohol, constantly slamming into the brakes.

The moment he hit the brakes, the Almighty would stabilize her waist, preventing her from hitting her head.

However, that also pressed them closer together and that untimely thrust…

Bo Jiu took another glance at him.

He was staring at her and was so close that she could see the shattered lights in his gaze.


The Almighty was indeed suited for being under the sunlight.

That aside, it wasn’t a normal day.

The finals for the National League… Did that excite him?

Back when they had been younger, her pet had appeared in the same manner when she had brought her tortoise to him.

He had lectured her while washing her hands, warning her to never touch things with bacteria.

However, he had prepared a little cage for her with bright eyes, feeding the tortoise with her everyday.

Even though he hadn’t been honest, his actions had stayed true to his intentions.

The Almighty had always been like this!