Chapter 788 - The Person on Captain’s Legs

Chapter 788: The Person on Captain’s Legs

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Bo Jiu adjusted herself by moving her left leg to the side, trying not to press her entire body weight onto him as she eased her position.

Qin Mo watched the youngster on his lap and an overwhelming emotion gushed out from his chest.

The desire to treat someone better and better.

He must be going crazy that there actually was a certain someone.

He yearned to tease her everyday, but couldn’t bear to go too far.

Qin Mo tilted his head before leaning it on her shoulders, clearly in a cheery mood.

His fingers moved slightly, rubbing her abdomen inch by inch, until he realized he was addicted to this feeling.

He didn’t wish to let go, this was the only person he wasn’t willing to let go of.

Meanwhile, the group at the back were ecstatic.

Actually, all of them were finally agitated because they were on the way to their match as a team.

All Supreme Alliance fans waited earnestly, desiring even the slightest news because every Supreme Alliance member would post on the official weibo.

Previously, Lin Feng wasn’t sure what to post.

But the moment he caught sight of the situation, he snapped a photo of all the members and himself before sending it to the official Weibo along with the caption, “Large crowd, small car, you can ignore the person on Captain’s legs since he isn’t as handsome as me.”

Bo Jiu’s face wasn’t captured in the photo, it was a very normal sitting position.

Guys would usually act as such when they gathered together, especially those that enjoyed esports or exercise.

It was common among high school students.


Almighty Qin wasn’t a high school student!

When did Almighty Qin become so friendly?!

He had actually allowed Big Spade to sit on his lap!

The fans on the official Weibo went crazy!

“Shouldn’t Supreme Alliance be nervous about the finals? But seeing how they can still flaunt their love, I guess they aren’t! The Almighty must not know what’s it like to be nervous!”

“Let me say something, Almighty Lin, while you were referring to Big Spade, did you notice the hands you subconsciously placed on Almighty Yun’s shoulders?”

“Love, a photo filled with love! I don’t wish to say anymore, I need a run!”

“I’m not running, I’ll be waiting outside the arena to see them in person!”

The discussions had already been intense before the finals had begun, but with that photo, the fans were sent to another level with their surging heart beats.

Many years later when they would enter adulthood, coming across the photo during their break they would smile while recalling the carefree youth.

The youth of the team they loved the most.

And for Supreme Alliance’s team members, they would still be filled with unjust and helplessness whenever they recalled their loss.

They all had one thought ━ the day had finally arrived!

When all the members stood at the entrance, it was indeed a ravishing sight, which sent chills down their spine.

Everyone wore the same uniform, carrying the same shoulder bag along with the emblem flowing in the wind behind them.

They stood differently.

Eleven esports player stood in full gear, an imposing sight to behold!

Who said older people weren’t allowed to be professional esports players? Who said ordinary girls weren’t allowed to dream?

Bo Jiu, Qin Mo, Yun Hu, Lin Feng, Yin Wuyao, Xue Yaoyao, Feng Shang…

They had arrived!

The fans reacted intensely, only those that were present were able to experience it.

Everyone was cheering with their entire being and many understood the reasons behind their insane adoration for the group.

One fan’s answer was simple and straightforward. “They taught us how to move forward courageously.”

More than 10 media companies had positioned their equipment and were doing last minute checks.

In order to record the opening, they imported the latest and most advanced cameras for the livestream.

What sort of sparks would emerge?

Everyone waited in anticipation.

Perhaps only fans of esports would experience such an emotion because just a glance of that person would send their blood surging.

However, someone couldn’t bear to witness such a scene.

It was no other than Wu Zhen, who had rushed back to Jiang City through the night.

Her fingers tightened when she took in the scene and menace seeped out from her eyes. It was so potent that even Su Mei could feel it beside her.

Su Mei wasn’t clear of her thoughts as Young Miss Wu took out her phone to make a call. “Hello, are Spade Z’s anti-fans still in the chat? Good, since they’re still in the chat…”