Chapter 789 - Lin Yu CP

Chapter 789: Lin Yu CP

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“They are, after you mentioned it previously, I have been staying in the chat and had even posted an advertisement in the web forum, attracting fans by using Spade Z’s daily life. There was a good result.”

“How’s their situation?” Wu Zhen watched Supreme Alliance bask in their immense popularity.

The conversation could be heard faintly. “Everything is great since you mentioned it is Spade Z’s fan chat at the beginning. As long as they assume it’s a fan group, they will join the chat, but that is only at the beginning. In the past, they were really fans, but now I occupy a higher status than Spade Z. I chat with them and used Spade Z for them to write fellowship articles. The official management has warned us about the articles, but what did that do? I told the chat that our love for Spade Z is also love and the official management was just being selfish. Their distrust caused anguish within the group. Don’t worry, they are wrapped up in such thoughts and won’t be bothered about offending power, much less to say Spade Z’s life and death.”

“That’s good.” Wu Zhen narrowed her eyes. “He can get so much love just from gaming and that’s what I’m going to use against him. We’re going to snatch away all his belongings and glory, and next, he will be attacked by his fans. How does that sound?”

He chuckled. “It’ll definitely be painful.”

Wu Zhen was pleased with the answer. “Good, I’m already in Jiang City, outside the arena. You can let them know about Spade Z’s real gender and I’ll leak it to the chat slowly, to work them up a little.”

He paused. “If I say it just like that, will Supreme Alliance…”

“What are you afraid of? It’s across the net, after all, and it’ll take a while before they get to you. By then, am I not here to help you?” Wu Zhen interrupted him breezily.

He took a moment before replying, “I’ll get it done.”

Wu Zhen broke into a smile, watching the members enter the arena one by one.

Su Mei stood at the side, listening to the details. She had really underestimated Young Miss Wu as she had never expected her to have so much up her sleeves.

That little bast*rd was going to be in trouble!

In this industry, the establishing of private chat was because of their adoration.

While the establishment of other private chats was to brainwash the fans, it wasn’t hard, just a short chat could affect them.

She never expected Wu Zhen to be so smart, smuggling herself into such a chat.

Wu Zhen tilted her head. “Use some money to get us into the VIP walkway towards their rest area, I have to let Brother Mo know about it personally.”

“No problem.” Su Mei still had connections in the corporate world and since she had once operated an esports company, it wasn’t hard to enter the grounds.

As the competition approached, everyone was experiencing mixed emotions.

Amidst the rise and fall, a heated passion brewed within them.

Lin Feng was so serious it seemed as though he was attending a wedding. It was really a pity it wasn’t a bride beside him but Yun Hu.

Yun Hu wasn’t used to the change in his style and thus reached out to pinch his nose.

Then Lin Feng snapped back to his senses. “What is it, don’t you know it’ll hurt?”

“I wanted to wake you from your daze.” Yun Hu stuffed a hand into his pocket, standing in the rest area.

Lin Feng sighed heavily. “You don’t understand, my constant excitement might not be a good thing, it often feels as though I can’t tightened my grip around the mouse.”

“You can’t grip the mouse?” Yun Hu swept him a glance. “The mouse is better than my area. You have already gripped little Yun Hu, what’s the excitement over a mouse?”

All his initial anxiety dissipated as Lin Feng blushed instantly, spitting out the word, “F*ck.”

When had Yun Hu become so shameless?!

How could he say that when the competition was about to begin?!