Chapter 79 - Fu Jiu Wants Alone Time with Almighty Qin

Chapter 79: Fu Jiu Wants Alone Time with Almighty Qin

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Feng Shang finally understood why someone as capable as his elder brother would still get scared in front of Young Master Qin.

His brother was obviously a manager, but he didn’t have control over his own star talent.

Aside from the fact that Young Master Qin was the CEO of the Qin Group, his eyes alone could kill!

The cutie shrank his neck and swallowed back his reminder to Fu Jiu.

Fu Jiu felt that he was tugging at her clothes, so she looked over. “What?”

“No-no-nothing.” He couldn’t get rid of his stutter. “Jiu-jiu-jiu Jiu, I’m heading out. If you don’t have other things to do, go home early and log in.”

Don’t flirt with Young Master Qin.

He is a tiger!

His idol is so smart, so he should know such basic concepts, right?

But it looked like, from his actions just now, he didn’t seem to know!

Fu Jiu was done eating her fill. She acted like a sleepy cat and waved her hand handsomely. “You go first. I’ll meet you in-game after dinner.”

“O-O-Okay!” Feng Shang blushed again. He thought that his idol was really good looking. He really didn’t want to go, but he couldn’t stand Almighty Qin’s coldness.

He thought about it and left his own hot pot store. He turned back to look once every three steps.

He was the one who asked his idol out, but in the end he became the first one to leave. He had planned to go back with his idol and show his equipment to him…

Almighty Qin was basically snatching his love from him!

Baby Shang turned a little emotional when he thought about this, but he didn’t dare to voice it out loud. Secretly, he decided to flirt more with other girls in-game tonight!

Watching Feng Shang leave, Qin Mo retracted his gaze and continued sounding indifferent. “If you don’t want Feng Yi to know that his little brother wants to attend the gaming contest, stay away from him, even in games.”

“Got it.” Fu Jiu stretched her waist. Verbally agreeing did not mean that her actions would follow.

The two of them sat there as sunlight streamed in through the ceiling-to-floor windows, bathing the young man’s clean, smooth profile in light.

Qin Mo stood up while holding his car keys. He raised his eyebrow at Fu Jiu. “Get up.”

“Where to?” Fu Jiu was perplexed. What about the dinner appointment?

Almighty Qin was arrogant and cold as usual, and one couldn’t see any emotion on his face. “There’s still time, let’s go get some fresh air.”

By racing to aid digestion?

Fu Jiu followed Almighty Qin downstairs. She saw that the limited edition race car had attractive contours and it was painted pure black. It had red tires installed, and this car’s performance was outstanding. Its speed could probably exceed 80 kilometers per hour in an instant.

“Like it?” Qin Mo looked at the young man with bright eyes as he pressed the unlock button.

A doorman opened the car door for him.

Fu Jiu thought about it. Usually, in a novel, if you said you liked it, a god would gift it to you right away!

Thinking about those gold coins and diamonds he had given him, it was likely to be true.

999999, just with a wave of Almighty Qin’s hand.

So Fu Jiu said quite seriously, “I like it a lot!” Giving me twenty more, just like those lobsters, would be fine!

Qin Mo glanced at the young man. He saw him tightening his fists, and the corner of his mouth curled up. He thought about how Fu Jiu had flirted with him before, and he patted the young man’s face gently. “What a shame, it won’t be yours no matter how much you like it. Work hard, and maybe one day you can afford one for yourself. But that won’t be possible; after all, in the whole three northern provinces, this is the only one.”