Chapter 790 - Don’t Reject Me

Chapter 790: Don’t Reject Me

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But there was indeed something Lin Feng didn’t say because it wasn’t something he could just voice out.

Who would have expected the brother he grew up with to wank on his photo?!


He literally froze on the ground and wasn’t mentally prepared to accept this.

A million alpacas ran through his mind as he itched for a hole to hide in.

However, as a grown man, it was normal to feel infuriated when another grown man wanked in front of his photo.

He was indeed angered, running over angrily and prepared to bash him ━ but that was Yun Hu.

How could he really do it?

“F*ck, you can wank on anyone’s photo but why mine!”

He couldn’t bear to hit him, relegating to just a warning.

“We’re brothers, even though I’m always teased as the school’s beauty, which part of me looks gay? Which part!”

What did he say?

Yes, that guy only said, “I’m sorry, but I couldn’t control myself.”

At that moment, he was completely disheartened, looking unusually devastated.

He had never seen Yun Hu with such an expression.

In his memory, he had always been arrogant, but unlike their captain’s placid personality.

He really was a proud person, masking his pride with his little words.

Moreover, he had been smart since young and after he had entered adulthood, he had become a well-liked individual.

Female school mates had often camped at the basketball court and library just for him, just to catch a glimpse of what he was wearing and checking if it was ravishing as usual.

Lin Feng could proudly proclaim that even a slight lift of his spectacles while reading documents had been able to prompt the female school mates into taking his photos.

Of course, he wasn’t that far off because even though they weren’t in the same league, he was really someone who could find girls easily.

If he decided to date one day, he would definitely beautify the lives of many.

But unlike him, even if a girl decided to become his girlfriend, she would complain about his pale skin, which would make her feel inferior.

After having been dumped for such a reason, Lin Feng had wanted to tan himself.

He had been envious of Yun Hu because that guy probably didn’t know what having a crush was like.

On that very day, he had tilted his head over while laying on the bed and hadn’t been looking at him. He had seemingly been in deep thought with his dark locks falling downwards, shielding his eyes. “You keep saying I don’t understand what a crush is like, but Lin Feng, did it cross your mind why I haven’t found a partner?”

Even someone as naive as Lin Feng understood what that meant since he was wanking on his photo.

Honestly, he didn’t wish to see Yun Hu in such a state.

Yun Hu asked, “Do you find me disgusting?”

At this moment, he felt heat traveling up his neck all the way to his ears as he explained hurriedly, “No, really!”

But, Brother, you are wanking on a photo of me.

Yun Hu lifted his head abruptly. When he caught his expression, his tone was calm. “You can be honest if you find me disgusting.”

“I’m really not disgusted!” Lin Feng was afraid that he would misunderstand. “But shouldn’t you give me some time to get used to it? How can you… F*ck, I don’t know how to put this, but I’m not disgusted, but you can’t wank on my photo again.”

Yun Hu glanced at him, he wasn’t clear of his expression, but he seemed to be confused.

“The competition is about to start, my emotions will affect my performance.”

Oh right, he said that.

“Don’t reject me.”

Lin Feng scratched his head. This was crazy, but what could he do?

It was Yun Hu, after all.

Lin Feng didn’t agree, but he didn’t reject him either, giving him a punch before tugging him. “Stand the f*ck up, let’s have a 2v2 match.”

He didn’t seem bent on furthering their relationship as he was organizing his thoughts.

The main point was the wanking… F*ck, wank!

Lin Feng lifted his head, glancing over at the person beside him and his hands stopped trembling.

“Shut up.”

Even with his flushed face, he had to get his attention.

Yun Hu wasn’t the least bothered about his irritation, reaching out to pass him an armguard. “Wear this.”

Not all esports players liked wearing arm guards.

It seemed like only Supreme Alliance’s members liked wearing it as it was part of their gaming habits.

Lin Feng didn’t think that anyone else had seen the change in his expression.

However, the youngster, who had been sucking her lollipop by the window, jumped off the windowsill.

Her outfit wasn’t fully zipped. With the lollipop still dangling in her mouth, she headed towards him, placing a hand on his shoulders. “What’s wrong? You look as if someone had ripped off your clothes. That’s not a common expression.”

What did you mean by look as though someone had ripped off my clothes!

Who taught Little Spade this language!

Lin Feng was about to ask when he felt a cold glare piercing through his back.

It wasn’t from anyone else, but their captain.

An intense stare, more extreme than before.

Why did Captain seem so bothered about the youngster’s intimacy with him, or was he perhaps thinking too much?

“Youngster, move your hand aside.” Lin Feng was quick to protect himself, scooting over towards Yun Hu so that their captain wouldn’t vent his frustration on him. But his brain didn’t seem to be working well as Yun Hu was much more dangerous at the moment.

He steered towards Coco, but he was sharing his bunny’s ears with Feng Shang.

One spoke like a bullet train while the other stuttered, but they managed to communicate perfectly.

Yin Wuyao was right about something, he seemed to be the only straight person in this team.

Of course, this was all to ease their pre-competition mentality because the National League was important to each and every one of them.

Xue Yaoyao was starting her final check to prevent any hiccups during the competition.

The atmosphere in the rest area was great.

But right at this moment, someone knocked on the door.

Everyone turned towards the door.

In the beginning, they assumed that the staff and fans whom Feng Yi had arranged for were here.

No one expected it to not be Feng Yi.

Instead it was Wu Zhen?

With a competition happening shortly after, they didn’t welcome her arrival.

As they had never expected any outsiders to come here, they exchanged glances with each other.

Yun Hu was slightly informed about the current situation that the An family had started to break off corporate ties with the Wu family.

This couldn’t have been Old Master An’s doings, but was rather due to his grandson, their captain.

Captain had mentioned that Wu Zhen wasn’t suited to stay in the crime squad.

This clearly showed his lack of affection towards miss Wu.

Now that she was here and at such a critical moment, it probably wasn’t anything good…

Bo Jiu paused, her gaze swept pass Wu Zhen towards the mistress behind her.

The two of them were working together?

Bo Jiu raised a brow.

She moved her hand from her arm guard and lifted her lids towards them. Her gaze was so dark it seemed as though she could see through everything.

Su Mei’s expression told it all. Those two were really up to something and was related to her.

Lin Feng was still in a daze, but he could recognize Su Mei since she was after all the mistress from Little Spade’s household.

She had once contacted him, trying to use him to get her son into Supreme Alliance.

Lin Feng never liked such people. So what was it this time?

Wu Zhen glanced over at Bo Jiu before taking a step forward. “Brother Mo, there is something I have to tell you.”