Chapter 791 - Little Submissive Lin

Chapter 791: Little Submissive Lin

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“Okay, but let’s talk elsewhere.”

Qin Mo stood up abruptly. A smile was still etched on his lips. Everyone knew he didn’t smile often so every time he did, it gave off a demonic and alluring vibe. He extinguished the cigarette in his hand as he turned to Wu Zhen, speaking leisurely, “Privately.”

Wu Zhen had never seen him like this; with his battle gear half zipped, exposing the t-shirt inside, and his handsomeness giving off an imposing aura.

He grabbed her, pulling her out of the restroom.

Wu Zhen broke into a smile while taking in his scent and sweeping Bo Jiu a last glance before leaving.

Bo Jiu lifted her finger. How should she phrase this? It felt as though her pet was dishonored by something.

Yun Hu frowned while Lin Feng spat out, “F*ck.”

Then he wasn’t able to suppress it any longer, turning towards his teammates. “Don’t you think Captain is a little weird today?”

The others were all in a daze, but once they snapped back to their senses, they realized something. “Captain has never cared about girls, regardless of who they were?”

“He doesn’t even care about guys,” Coco added. “Other than Little Spade.”

Bo Jiu raised a brow after being pointed out. She bit down on the zip, lowering her head to give it a pull before chuckling. “I’ll take a piss, you guys carry on.”

Lin Feng understood her intentions immediately, heading over to tap his shoulders. “Don’t worry, Captain has already turned gay for you, he probably won’t straighten. So, if a girl comes in search of him, we shouldn’t get jealous. Take a piss if you need it, don’t keep it in.”

Bo Jiu: … Don’t you know I’ll feel worse if he can’t be straightened?!

“Alright, I understand.” Bo Jiu tapped his shoulder. “I’ll ask about you and Almighty Yun another day, I really don’t have the time to care about your emotions today, Little Submissive Lin.”

With that, Bo Jiu walked away.

Lin Feng’s outstretched arm froze.

Little Submissive Lin.

Little Submissive.


“F*ck! Even if I got together with Yun Hu, I’d be the dom!”

The moment he shouted, the entire rest room fell into silence and almost the entire team was staring at him.

Even Yun Hu had lifted his head to look at him.

In that instant, he realized what a stupid thing he had done and thus stuggled to explain, “That, I didn’t mean it that way, I just…”

“You guys are really together.” Coco bit the bunny ear. “Then why did you lie to me about being brothers, but it’s alright, Brother Feng, we would give you and Brother Hu our fullest support.”

Feng Shang nodded in agreement.

Xue Yaoyao asked curiously, “Are you going to announce it today? It’s the finals after all, there will be some sentimental value in it.”

“I…” Lin Feng wanted to continue, but his left hand was pulled into someone’s palms. He turned and stared straight into a sharp and defined profile. The voice speaking was low and steady. “That’s right, we plan to announce it today.”

Lin Feng was dumbfounded!

Announce what?

His line was just…

“Thank you for your blessings. After the competitions, barbeque and drinks, my treat.”

F*ck, we weren’t even getting married, what was with the treat!

Lin Feng was going crazy as Yun Hu glanced at him. “The competition is about to start, don’t let the excitement affect your emotions.”

Lin Feng: “…”

Forget it, the competition was more important.

This guy was getting more and more despicable, f*ck!

But was really everything alright between Captain and Little Spade?