Chapter 792 - Hoshino and Bo Jiu

Chapter 792: Hoshino and Bo Jiu

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Xue Yaoyao was worried about the same thing.

In fact, ever since Su Mei had appeared, Xue Yaoyao felt uneasy, much less to say the appearance with Wu Zhen.

She hadn’t forgotten the call Jiang Zuo had received from Wu Zhen and thus was starting to worry about what Wu Zhen was going to tell Almighty Qin.

If it was about that secret, what was Her Highness Jiu going to do?

Xue Yaoyao could no longer sit still from the anxiety and was prepared to chase after Bo Jiu.

However, at this moment, Feng Yi entered, wiping his sweat. His suit was formal and professional. “The fan’s seating arrangements are almost done, separated into the official and unofficial ones. The competition is less than an hour away, prepare yourselves.” His eyes swept around the room as he spoke and he ended up frowning. “Where are Little Spade and Almighty Qin?”

“The-they went out.” Feng Shang dared to speak at this moment.

Feng Yi frown only deepened. “When did they go out?”

“Wu Zhen came.” Yun Hu looked at him, his words filled with meaning. “Something’s up.”

The others weren’t aware, but the manager of Supreme Alliance understood.

Young Master Qin had already ended business ties with the Wu family.

Thus, her appearance spelled trouble.

He was reminded of the anti-fan that had thrown coke at Little Spade.

The more he thought about it, the more he started to worry. His eyes were minced. “I’ll go look at the audience stand again, you guys wait here and don’t wander about. Wait for Little Spade to come back.”



Even if Xue Yaoyao had wanted to give chase, the youngster was no longer in sight.

On the other hand, Bo Jiu hadn’t caught up with Qin Mo neither.

Since she couldn’t follow him, she didn’t force it.

She wore her black face mask, jumping over the obstruction in front of her as her pocket vibrated.

A phone call without a caller ID.

However, she recognized the string of numbers.

She turned to avoid the fans ahead, her swift motions swinging her to the side. Then she leaned against the wall shortly before heading upwards.

The fans chatted merrily, completely unaware of the person ahead because Bo Jiu moved so rapidly.

As the footsteps furthered, Bo Jiu picked up the call. “Hello, Hoshino.”

“As per your hints, I have successfully bought the news and have started tracking.” Hoshino was in the arena, but was in full disguise, blending into the crowd.

The youngster lifted her lids. “Let’s investigate after the match, but there seems to be trouble on my end.”

“Trouble?” Hoshino tilted his lids, his gaze clear. “Do you need me to head over?”

Bo Jiu retracted her outstretched head. “There isn’t a need, the competition comes first. I’ll probably hear of the trouble soon. If something happens, activate the plan. But the match comes first.”

She had made it clear that she couldn’t lose this match.

She would never allow anyone to pull that person down from his throne.

Other than this, she was willing to bear anything, even if one day, the Almighty found out that she was Z.

From afar, she could still hear the fans. With the intensity, she could get a feel of how large the crowd was.

On the other side, Wu Zhen and Su Mei were dragged into a meeting room.

Su Mei could read Wu Zhen’s eye signal and paused at the door.

That person probably wanted to enjoy the intimacy with Young Master Qin.

She didn’t follow in to disrupt them because in less than an hour, that gay’s reputation would be battered.

Even without Young Master Qin, the intense fans out there would be able to trample on Spade Z!