Chapter 793 - Formidable Almighty Qin

Chapter 793: Formidable Almighty Qin

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Su Mei had originally planned to sit at the door, watching first hand as the gay was trampled on by his fans. However, the moment she was about the sit, a special forces soldier came walking down the hallway. He wore a jarring military uniform, along with his unforgettable appearance and vibe; it was the same soldier who had stopped them from searching for the birth records.

Su Mei wasn’t dumb. Because of her usual scheming thoughts she knew that an ordinary county troop wasn’t supposed to be here.

His appearance clarified one point, he was most likely from the Qin family!

Because, because… Young Master Qin was here!

Before Su Mei could stand, the special forces soldier had already approached her with a cheeky smile on his face. “Young Master Qin called me to catch the turtle in the jar and it’s indeed true. Do you really think you can leave scot free for using your connections? Your actions have really affected the Wu family.”

Su Mei paled when she finally understood the situation.

She turned, prepared to tip Wu Zhen off, but it was too late.

They thought that Young Master Qin was kept in the dark.

But by the looks of things, Young Master Qin didn’t just know about it, he was prepared to punish them!


Because of that little bumpkin?!

Hatred surged in her heart ━ but what could she do?

She was caught red-handed!

And right at this moment, just a door away in the meeting room, Wu Zhen was more excited than ever because she, this arrogant girl, had been tricked by Spade Z far too many times.

And who had given Spade Z the rights?!

This time, she wasn’t just going to dishonor her, she was going to let her experience a full-blown betrayal by fans!

Just the thought of it made her happy. She was about to speak when the man seated in the boss’s chair lit a cigarette before holding it between his long fingers. His tone was lazy. “If you’re going to tell me that Spade Z is female, you don’t have to.”


Wu Zhen felt as though she had been splashed by a bucket of cold water, dampening all her arrogance.

Qin Mo toyed the lighter in his hands. “Goshawk, come in.”

At this moment, Wu Zhen realized that the lighter was a communication device used by the special forces.


The special forces soldier entered violently, kicking it open.

Mainly because his hands were used to capture someone.

Wu Zhen turned back swiftly. First looking at the soldier before glancing at Su Mei. Her lips were trembling. “Brother Mo, you can’t do this to me, you…”

“Why can’t I do this to you?”

With a loud thud, the ashtray on the meeting table flew towards the wall behind her.

Wu Zhen froze. She had never seen Qin Mo act this way.

Qin Mo stood up, with his body bent. Along with the battle gear, he seemed like an assassin in the games. “Exploiting your connections, harming others, your dirty ways aren’t fit to be said in front of that person. Aren’t you apt at playing? I’ll play using my ways. Old Master Wu must have used a lot of connections and greased many hands to bail you out. This time, I’ll make sure all of them pay.”