Chapter 794 - Jiu in Imminent Peril

Chapter 794: Jiu in Imminent Peril

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“You must be happy to hear such news. Don’t speak of your anguish. The person I treasure and cherish didn’t say a word even after being splashed with coke by the people you manipulated. Don’t worry, this time, the Wu family will be going down with you.”

All the colour stripped off her face, especially when she heard the last line that the Wu family would be going down with her.

“What wrong did I do?!”

She felt unjust so her hands clenched into fists as she shouted!

The special troop soldier wanted to laugh.

Young Master had already made it clear; exploiting your connections, harming others.

And you still asked what wrong you did?

What was this weirdo thinking?

Wu Zhen clenched her hands. “My actions are all because of my love for you.”

“This sort of love disgusts me.” Qin Mo didn’t bother looking at Wu Zhen.

Wu Zhen was infuriated and filled with hatred, but she was helpless because she hadn’t expected such a result.

The situation was completely unlike what she had expected!

Wu Zhen bit down on her lips.

Su Mei knew of the ties between the An family and Wu family. Her mind was running as she went for the last struggle. “Young Master Qin, Miss Wu didn’t do anything wrong, her actions were motivated by her love for you. You shouldn’t be acting like this, it won’t be good for anyone.”

“Oh?” Qin Mo raised a brow, an enigmatic smile on his face. “You must be the Miss Su, who had broken up a family. To a mistress, the perpetrator is actually the victim who didn’t do anything wrong? It doesn’t work that way with me. Goshawk will be bringing you the police station, your misdoings are enough to put you away for a while. You can share your thoughts to the inmates since there is a common lack of morals and ignorance about the law. I still have a competition to attend.”

He really seemed like the devil’s incarnate, deadly yet elegant.

Wu Zhen had more to say, but a group came rushing through the door.

They were dressed in an outfit she was more than familiar with ━ but compared to her, they carried a completely different aura.

“Miss Wu, Miss Su, please follow us.”

Wu Zhen was about to go crazy and clenched the wooden chair. She couldn’t overcome the situation.

When she was handcuffed, she laughed with her head lowered and her face distorted. “Brother Mo, do you really think I will give up? Your actions are just fueling my hatred for Spade Z. Just wait and see how she will be trampled on by her own fans!”

All of a sudden, Qin Mo paused before taking large strides towards Wu Zhen.

He grabbed her collar, a flame burning within the depths of his eyes. “What did you do?”

Qin Mo was indeed intelligent as just a sentence was enough to tip him off.

Wu Zhen broke into a maniac laughter.

Qin Mo knew she wasn’t going to give anything out.

He released her, his gaze deepening. “Take them away and take your time with the interrogation. Young Miss Wu has always taken pride in her reputation, bring her around the police station and let everyone know of her crimes.”

“Qin Mo!” Wu Zhen was overwhelmed with hatred! Her eyes were spitting a menacing poison!

Qin Mo didn’t waste anymore time on her.

With a loud thud, he pulled the meeting door open and reached for his phone to call Feng Yi.

However, at this moment, Feng Yi was in the middle of the arena and the noise was drowning out his ringing phone…