Chapter 795 - Almighty Qin Confessed Publicly

Chapter 795: Almighty Qin Confessed Publicly

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Feng Yi was walking as well. In the middle of the arena, there was audience all around him. As he was starting to panic in such a situation, he continually reminded himself to calm down.

After the coke splashing incident, he was much more cautious.

If something happened, there was definitely a way to summon everyone.

However, he couldn’t think of what methods they were using since it was still just an unease within him.

Only when someone reminded him about his ringing phone, Feng Yi picked up it up. It was already the second call. “Hello, Young Master Qin.”

“There’s an issue with the fans that have entered.” That was his first line. “Don’t arrange for them to enter yet.”

Feng Yi didn’t want to let them enter either as he watched the large crowd. “Young Master Qin, it’s too late, they are already looking for their seats.”

Qin Mo narrowed his eyes, his steps hastening. “Look for the president of Little Spade’s official fan club right now, she’s called Sister Turtle. There isn’t much time left, around ten minutes, keep it in for me.”

Feng Yi tightened his grip on the phone. “Alright, but I’m not sure of their grouping.”

“Stans.” Qin Mo added, “This sort of things won’t be done publicly, they would definitely get a stan group and cheat some fans in before they start to block off external information and brainwash them. Feng Yi, you told me the coke splashing incident would never repeat itself. This time, I hope you will keep that promise and protect every dedicated esports player. He needs your protection now.”

Feng Yi paused while his lips were curving upwards and his usual foxy demeanor was returning. “I understand. Don’t worry, I’m still a qualified manager.”

Feng Yi was already heading to the west, pushing fans one by one as he excused himself.

No one would have expected to see the gentlemanly Boss Feng act in such a manner.

He was the most successful manager in the esports industry, someone who never had a single strand of hair out of place ━ but today, it was completely ruffled.

All to reach his destination faster.

The moment he arrived, Sister Turtle started speaking. “Mr Feng, there seems to be something wrong on our side.”

Feng Yi hadn’t even asked as she held onto a fan, walking towards him. “Tell Mr Feng about it.”

“Erm, I-I entered a chat assuming it was a chat that likes Big Spade. But soon, I realized they were using Big Spade’s name to attract fans and after exploiting him, they claimed that they hadn’t done anything wrong, ignoring the repeated warnings of the official management. Even though they are aware of the obvious exploitation, they still insisted that the official management was not representative of Big Spade and they would only agree on settling if Big Spade personally sued them. I never knew a thief could act so shamelessly, insisting they aren’t wrong even after their apparent exploitation. Big Spade must have found it weird, posting a sentence: Not dissolving would mean an infringement. The group would defend their legal rights to the end. I thought Big Spade would clarify it publicly so they would back off, but instead, the leader of the group came out. He apologized unwillingly, claiming he didn’t do anything wrong and wasn’t willing to dissolve the group. That wasn’t all, the group management spoke as well. They seemed to have amnesia, claiming that Big Spade was too extreme, allowing fans to quarrel and even seeking the legal. The thief also said that someone like that didn’t need to be treated with respect. He is also the same person who had wanted Big Spade to seek the legal route, but had turned over to malign Big Spade. There are some members in the chat who weren’t clear of the situation, deciding to become anti-fans. Exploitation caused harm and that’s wrong, it wasn’t just illegal, it wasn’t morally right either. I don’t understand what’s wrong with this world. We should be the one being punished, but when did the one committing the wrong become the one feeling unjust? Now they have something to say, I’m worried it will hurt Big Spade. I was a member previously, but fortunately, I was able to get a true sensing about the situation from external sources or I would have turned into a person that would treat anything she likes as her private property with disregard for their wishes. Liking someone was just an excuse to harm him. I don’t wish to turn into such a person, I have principles…”

There weren’t many Spade fans around, but they were all fans who had followed her from the start.

Thus they were all angered because those were schemes they would never have thought about.

However, none of them was as angry as Qin Mo, who was heading over at this moment.

He stood there even though he was aware of the commotion he would attract.

Even though he knew some actions wouldn’t be understood.

The Qin Mo at this moment didn’t care about anyone’s understanding!

Ever since the start, he had never cared about what others thought about him.

And today!

“Where is that group?”

Everyone seemed to have felt the hostility and menace emitting from him.

“It-it’s in my phone, I haven’t left the group.” The child was startled by Almighty Qin’s aura.

“Smart,” he commented.

She had never expected Almighty Qin to praise her.

He stretched his arm out. “Can I have a look?”

However, she didn’t know how to react.

Qin Mo lifted his lips. “Feng Yi, pass her my wallet, my identification card is inside. I’m not someone that steals other people’s phone.”

She waved her hands hurriedly. “Almighty Qin, that wasn’t what I meant.”

“Take my wallet anyways, I’ll use my privacy to exchange for your phone. Don’t worry, I won’t read the other messages on your phone.” Qin Mo straightened, his battle gear over his shoulders. He turned towards the bustling arena. His voice was lowered, but firm. “I would like to thank you on behalf of Little Spade and Supreme Alliance. Similarly, it isn’t just Big Spade, all esports players aren’t afraid of anti-fans. We are afraid for those who truly support us, who give us strength from being cheated. Our anger has always been directed at our inability protect those precious to us.” He paused, a glow burning within his deep gaze, firm and unyielding. “And the Big Spade you guys adore is a precious, treasured gem.”

Feng Yi: “…”

Young Master Qin, Almighty Qin, can’t you speak properly?!

Why are you confessing in front of so many fans?!